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The Liberal Hatred for America

Liberals hate America. There’s no denying it. When people do their best to completely destroy something it is not because they love it; it’s because of hatred. And liberals are doing everything within their power (and seizing new powers) to destroy America. Yes, of course they will angrily disagree and claim they only want to make America more ‘fair’ or more ‘global.’ Nonsense. The America they want is not the America the Founders envisioned and certainly not the America created by the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

I have asked some of my liberal friends on more than one occasion to name the part of the Constitution that gives the government the authority to take money from me and give it to other people. None have ever been able to answer. While taxation is a necessary thing, to a certain degree (and I would argue the income tax is not needed), seizing part of someone’s salary and handing it […] → Keep reading

Electoral College or Popular Vote?

There has been some speculation by some that Romney may win the popular vote while Obama wins the Electoral College. While such a scenario is unlikely, it has happened three times in our history, with the most recent being in 2000 when George W. Bush won the Electoral College while Al Gore won the popular vote. Not surprisingly, after that election there were many people who called for an end to the Electoral College and a switch to a national popular vote. Of course, Al Gore also favored this switch.

Fortunately, there are enough people who recognize this movement for the disaster it would be and that it would be a huge blow to the federal system designed by the Founders. Congress has rejected hundreds of bills that would have changed or eliminated the Electoral College system.

The Republican platform approved at the convention this summer also includes language opposed to any change.

“We oppose the National Popular Vote Interstate […] → Keep reading