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Oklahoma Rep. Frank Lucas: Time For Him To Go

Oklahoma Rep. Frank Lucas (R) has been in Congress far too long. After nineteen years representing the largest district in Oklahoma, it is time for him to go. His spending has become out of control and his voting record has become abysmally liberal. His score on the Heritage Action for America’s legislative scorecard is even worse than last year and few Republicans managed to score lower than Lucas.

As House Agriculture Committee Chairman, Lucas supported the failed farm bill and urged it be passed, despite the fact that the Congressional Budget Office projected it to cost $973 billion, which is more than a 50 percent increase from the 2008 bill. And how much of this $973 billion would go towards actual farmers? Less than twenty percent. Nearly eighty percent of the failed farm bill’s spending was to go toward the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), which is the nice way of saying welfare and food stamps.

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Big Macs For Food Stamp Recipients

Oklahoma City’s News 9 has an article detailing the push by Yum! Brands to have the use of food stamps be allowed at fast food locations. Yum! Brands operates Taco Bell, KFC, Long John Silver’s and Pizza Hut.

After years of various government entities berating the fast food industry for making everyone fat, this is an odd turn of events.

CNS News has an excellent article about a report from the Institute for Medicine on strategies for local governments to combat childhood obesity by restricting fast food establishments near schools and public playgrounds.

And yet some states already allow the use of tax dollars to purchase fast food for children. ABC News has a list of those:

Michigan Church’s Chicken Kentucky Fried Chicken McDonald’s Subway Grandma’s Famous Chicken Eight Mile Pancake House Mr. T’s BBQ Vito’s Pizza

California Jack in the Box Subway El Pollo Loco Papa Murphy’s Pizza

Florida KFC Taco Bell Pizza Hut Papa Murphy’s […] → Keep reading