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The Obama Flag: Desecrating the American Flag

The Obama flag isn’t exactly new news but there’s something about it I noticed this weekend that has not been in the news.

First, to recap, the Obama campaign was selling prints of an artist-designed American flag that had been desecrated with the Obama symbol.

This was being sold at the Obama campaign web store for $35. Keyword – was. I noticed this weekend that the item is no longer available. Could it be the furor over the item prompted it’s removal? I’m sure the Obama campaign would never admit it, if that’s what happened.

Around the country a different Obama flag has been used by Democrats; this one also being a desecration of the American flag. It’s been available for a couple of years now and it still sickens me that people fly this flag.

Both of these flags are in violation of the Flag Code. Section 8g reads, “The flag should never have placed upon it, […] → Keep reading

The Obama Flag

The Lake County Democratic Headquarters in Tavares, FL had been flying two American flags outside their office until a veterans group showed up to demand the second flag be taken down. The veterans correctly claimed the altered flag violated the federal flag code and offered a POW/MIA flag as a replacement. Nancy Hurlburt, the Democratic Party Chair for Lake County, eventually took down the altered flag, but refused to accept the POW/MIA flag.

Here is the flag, along with two others I find strikingly similar.






































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