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Facebook Wants Your Nude Pics

I wasn’t aware how common ‘revenge porn’ has been until I saw an article in the LA Times this morning. According to a study mentioned in the article, 4% of U.S internet users have been victims of revenge porn and 10% of women under 30 have had someone threaten to post explicit photos of them on the internet against their will.

My first question is why are so many people stupid enough to either take nude photos of themselves or allow them to be taken? It’s not possible to be a victim of revenge porn unless you’ve got some nude photos of yourself out there in the digital world.

But, never fear, Facebook is here to save the day!

Let’s say you have a spiteful ex who decides to embarrass you by posting a nude photo that was supposed to be private. Facebook Inc. says if you send a copy of the photo to it first, it will make […] → Keep reading

Teacher Suspended For Facebook Gay Marriage Comment

A Florida high school has suspended it’s 2010 Teacher of the Year over a comment about gay marriage that he made on his Facebook page.

Jerry Buell, social studies teacher, wrote on his personal Facebook page that same-sex marriage is a sin, that he almost threw up over news about the legalization of gay marriage in New York and that gay marriages were part of a “cesspool.”

School officials are ‘investigating’ to determine whether Buell broke the school district’s code of conduct policy.

WESH in Orlando has more, including the video story from their newscast: