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Brogdon Switching Campaign From Governor To Senate?

Roll Call is reporting that Randy Brogdon, former state senator, is considering switching his campaign to the special election for the Senate instead of continuing to challenge incumbent Governor Mary Fallin in the Republican primary.

Roll Call – “He has got a lot of people inside of Oklahoma, probably eight or nine out of 10, that are urging him to run for Senate, and he is listening very intently to those urges,” Brogdon senior adviser Louis Waller said when reached by CQ Roll Call.

Brogdon’s potential entrance comes just after Rep. Jim Bridenstine, a favorite among conservative outside groups, decided against a bid. Groups like the Senate Conservatives Fund and the Madison Project had pushed for Bridenstine to run as a conservative alternative to Rep. James Lankford, who announced his bid for the seat earlier this month.

Brogdon, who lost to Fallin in the 2010 gubernatorial primary, has the kind of tea party profile that could garner support from […] → Keep reading

Abortion Queen Wendy Davis: “I’m in”

The abortion queen says she’s in. Texas State Senator Wendy Davis has begun telling prominent Democrats in the state that she will be running for Governor next year. She will likely be up against Republican Greg Abbott, currently the Texas attorney general. Until a few months ago I had never heard of Davis. But, as Tom Dart wrote for The Guardian, “The state senator from Fort Worth became an overnight celebrity in June, as a result of her 11-hour filibuster against restrictive new abortion legislation.” Being reelected in 2012, her term as Senator would ordinarily not be up until 2016, but earlier this year the Texas senators drew for terms in a post-redistricting, once a decade process and Davis drew a two year term. If she loses the gubernatorial election next year she will not have a Senate term to complete.

Her voting record as Senator is largely unknown outside of Texas, except of course for the abortion bill. Mark […] → Keep reading

Wells Griffith Shows How to Run for Congress

Wells Griffith, Republican candidate for Congress in Alabama’s 1st District special election, has produced a campaign ad that every Republican should emulate. In the ad, Griffith throws the Obamacare bill in the trash and says repealing the law is why he is running for Congress. “This document, Obamacare, is why I’m running for Congress. Because we won’t get back to creating jobs until these thousands of pages of economic destruction are relegated to the trash pile of history,” he says in the ad. There are a number of candidates in the Republican primary and with the district rated ‘safe Republican’ the winner will likely be the next Congressman.

Every Republican running for Congress should watch this ad and see how it’s done. With the vast majority of the country being opposed to Obamacare this is the time to use it against the Democrats who passed it and run them out of office. They passed it, they own it. Even the […] → Keep reading

Federalizing the Election Process: Just Say No

On election day there were long lines in some states and many people waited hours to vote. Even here in Oklahoma, where voting has typically been a fairly quick process, I saw reports of some precincts in the Oklahoma City metro area having more than an hour wait. I attributed the longer than usual wait to the new voting system selected by the Oklahoma County Election Board which required more time to fill out the ballot than in the past. Having state questions to vote on just increased the time for voters who weren’t prepared in advance since they had to read the questions before making a decision.

Some of the longest lines in the nation were in Wisconsin, Virginia, Maryland and Florida. I saw reports of people in Florida still in line to vote after midnight. People in Lee County waited as long as nine hours to vote. The number of scanners used in Lee County along with the […] → Keep reading

State Ballot Measures to Note

The Heritage Foundation selected ten state ballot measures they considered worth watching, and they were, but there were others that I think bear noting. Now that Florida has finally finished counting their votes we can look at the results. Perhaps Florida should consider moving to an election system that doesn’t involve chisels and rocks.

The results show a wide range of ideologies in the states and make me very happy to live in Oklahoma, where some of these ridiculous measures would never have even been considered for the ballot. Apparently there’s a lot of people in some states who want to smoke marijuana.


Issue 5 – Authorize the use of medical marijuana in the state. – Failed


Proposition 30 – Jerry Brown’s tax increases. A state sales tax increase and also a retroactive income tax increase. – Passed Proposition 34 – End the death penalty. – Failed Proposition 39 – Income tax increase for multi state businesses. – […] → Keep reading