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The Unbelieving Left

One of the more interesting apps on my iPhone is called Show of Hands. It’s a polling app in which people can vote for one of two answers to a variety of questions. The results are, of course, limited to iPhone users who have the app installed and take the time to vote. But, while the results are not scientific and not necessarily a valid representation of the entire country, the percentage breakdown of political parties is sometimes very telling.

One of the past week’s questions was: Do you believe the Easter story as told in the New Testament is historically accurate?

National vote count: 6752 Yes: 51% No: 49%

Democrat votes: 1689 Yes: 29% No: 71%

Republican votes: 1959 Yes: 77% No: 23%

Independent votes: 1474 Yes: 45% No: 55%

I’m very surprised that 71% of Democrats who responded don’t believe the resurrection of Jesus Christ is historically accurate. I would have thought the percentage would be closer to […] → Keep reading