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Vile Hatred On Twitter

You can find some really nice people on Twitter. And then there are these people.

RT @joan_rivers: Rather surprised Dick Cheney got a heart after lasting all these years without one.

— RS (@fibereasta) March 25, 2012

Dick Cheney is a terrorist

— Derek Stewart (@IamDerekStewart) March 25, 2012

Somebody ruined the chance to finally get rid of Dick Cheney.

— mediOCRE (@rodneyjoe) March 25, 2012

Never mind a heart transplant for #Cheney what about a brain transplant? #Neoconfuckwit

— Jonathan Bryce (@j_bryce1888) March 25, 2012

Dick Cheney not only took this persons heart he took their soul for snack later. #satan

— cole bley (@colethehole) March 25, 2012

I congratulate Dick Cheney’s doctors for finding a heart donor whose blood type was also Sith.

— John Fugelsang (@JohnFugelsang) March 25, 2012

My Wishes for DICK CHENEY 1 Recover FULLY live long enough to end life in PRISON or 2 DEVIL take you PUBLICLY in flames to hell.#Dems #tcot

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