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Tax Rebates for Filmmakers – Bad Legislation

Less than two months ago the Oklahoma Legislature passed a bill that renewed a tax incentive program designed to attract filmmakers to Oklahoma. It had to be voted on twice in the House before being passed and was highly criticized by some lawmakers.

“Aren’t we just reimbursing movie stars who come to town for their motel and meals?” asked Rep. James Lockhart, D-Hartshorne.

“If you could bring the whole city of Hollywood here … I wouldn’t want them,” said Rep. David Dank, R-Oklahoma City.

Tulsa World – Dank and others argued that there is no proof the program helps the state’s economy.

Supporters say it is both good exposure and a sound investment.

The film rebate is one of the smaller business-incentive programs the state offers. Capped at $5 million, it reimburses filmmakers for one-third of qualified expenses — generally money spent in the state for payroll, goods or services.

Cast salaries qualify only if the actor is Oklahoma-based.

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