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Palin 1, Milbank 0

The shooting in Tucson was pounced upon by the mainstream media, who wasted no time in pointing the finger of blame squarely at Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and the Tea Party. Columns were written, articles filed, ‘news’ programs aired, interviews done, Tweets were sent… And after reading, watching and listening one might think Palin had conspired with the shooter, provided him the weapon, told him who to shoot and driven him to the scene of the crime.

The media frenzy over Palin’s map and her “don’t retreat, reload” quote sent a clear message. That message was not that Palin was to blame, but that the media is absolutely terrified of Sarah Palin and the possibilities in her political future. They have unleashed everything they have against this woman and she is still standing there, more popular than ever. They have failed in their attempts to destroy her.

This brings us to Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank. On […] → Keep reading