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Environmental Protection Agency Takes Aim at 800,000 Coal Jobs

Yesterday, the Environmental Protection Agency unveiled new proposals to cap greenhouse emissions from new power plants. And coal-fired power plants will fail to meet the limits without some very expensive technology that captures and stores emissions. No coal-fired plan in the world has yet to use the technology. There are two plants under construction that include the new technology, one in Canada and one in Mississippi but the costs are outrageous. The price for the Mississippi plant is $4.7 billion and it already has over $1 billion in cost overruns. And who do you think will be paying for this? has all the details on this story.

Coal industry officials told Watchdog that the new regulations could kill coal and most of the 800,000 jobs it supports. EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy said Americans have a “moral obligation to the next generation” and that the proposal is a “necessary step to address a public health challenge.” In a speech at […] → Keep reading