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MSNBC: Blacks Are Second Class

Those on the left have always made themselves the self-appointed authorities on all things where race can be injected. By them, of course. And now that includes a photo of Mitt Romney, his wife and their grandchildren. In case you missed it, MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry has issued an apology to the Romney family after a panel on her show mocked Romney for the fact that one of his grandchildren is black. They laughed as a ‘comedian’ joked that the baby is the only one in a sea of white – just like the Republican Party. Harris wrote in her apology that “the intent of featuring the photo was to celebrate it.” And if you believe that you’re probably still believing that you can keep your health plan if you like it. CNN Analyst Marc Lamont Hill also jumped in, saying, “Some would say maybe that it’s an exploitative picture, that they’re exploiting the kid by hauling out this black […] → Keep reading

The Media: Willing Accomplices to Terrorism

The outbreak of hostilities in Gaza recently has brought with it something I’ve seen time and time again when Israel is involved and that is blatant false reporting by the media. There are numerous examples of this just from the current events in Gaza. The cooperation given to Hamas terrorists in fabricating stories in an attempt to make Israel look like an evil aggressor is nothing new, but it does underscore what Israel is up against. Worldwide opinion is already anti-Israel and the lies put forth by the terrorists with the help of their friends in the media just make it worse. But that is their goal, of course.

CNN’s Sara Sidner reports on the death of a four year old boy, calling him “another victim of an [Israeli] airstrike.” The boy was actually killed by a Hamas rocket that fell short in Gaza instead of on it’s target – Israel. The Telegraph in the UK reported the truth of […] → Keep reading