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The Homosexual Attack On Christianity

For several years now, homosexuals have made news by suing or filing discrimination complaints against bakers, florists, photographers, bed & breakfasts, newspapers, farm owners and others who chose to maintain their religious freedom to not endorse homosexual marriage by providing services in support of a same-sex wedding. The quest by homosexuals to have their lifestyle mainstreamed and accepted, whether voluntarily or forced, is having some success. But this success is only coming due to leftists judges and ‘human rights’ commissions that deem First Amendment religious objections to homosexual marriage to be discrimination. The mythical constitutional protection against being offended is taking precedence over the First Amendment freedom of religion.

But while some business owners have stuck to their religious principles, which has cost some dearly, others in the Christian community have softened their stance on homosexual marriage. Many church denominations have stated their position on homosexuality to be that it is not sinful and therefore, neither is homosexual marriage. These […] → Keep reading

Catholic Church Sues State of Alabama Over Immigration Law

The Catholic Church and the Department of Justice have both filed lawsuits against the state of Alabama’s new immigration law, scheduled to take effect September 1st. The law “requires law enforcement officers to attempt to determine the immigration status of a person who they suspect is an unauthorized alien of this country,” said Alabama Republicans. It also makes it illegal to transport, conceal, harbor or house unauthorized aliens. Additionally, school districts are now required to check the immigration status of new enrollees.

The DOJ’s lawsuit claims the law intrudes on the federal government’s immigration policies and responsibilities. I haven’t seen the lawsuit but I’m sure it makes no mention of the feds lack of enforcement of those policies and responsibilities.

The Catholic Church claims the law criminalizes the Church’s mission and interferes with the right to the free exercise of religion. Archbishop Thomas Rodi of Mobile, AL said, “No law is just which prevents the proclamation of the Gospel […] → Keep reading