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Caylee’s Law – Just Say No

Following the acquittal in the Casey Anthony trial there has been a public outrage and furor which has resulted in a nation-wide call for Caylee’s Law. This law would make it a crime for a parent to wait more than 24 hours to report a child missing. Had the verdict been guilty of murder, this misguided crusade to protect children would likely not have been initiated. There were actually two trials occurring at the same time. One was the trial in the courtroom, with the jury seeing all the evidence, hearing all the testimony and rendering a verdict absent the influence of Nancy Grace and the media. The second was the trial of public opinion, with the media led lynch mob convicting Casey Anthony of murder before even the first witness was called. Sequestering the jury was a wise decision. When the verdict on the murder charge was read as not guilty, the blood lust of the public lynch mob […] → Keep reading