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Dan Boren: Campaign Finance Hypocrite

Rep. Dan Boren has announced he is taking on campaign finance reform.

A story reports Boren wants the U.S. Constitution amended to prohibit individuals from donating to federal campaigns unless:

• For a U.S. Senate candidate, they live in the same state. • For a U.S. House candidate, they live in the same congressional district.

Boren said the proposal “would begin the process of re-establishing the importance of local influence in our elections.”

“It applies to all donations. PACs could give, but their money could only come from constituents, so it could only be a local PAC made up of people who can vote for you,” Boren said.

But there’s something Boren forgot to mention. Some of the top contributors to his 2010 campaign are not in his congressional district. Most aren’t even in Oklahoma.

From the Center for Responsive Politics website:















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