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Bomb Threats – A Disturbing Trend

There have been a disturbing number of bomb threats this month, mostly at college campuses. After doing a quick news search I found a larger number of bomb threats than I had known about. There are probably others I am not aware of. There may or may not be suspects for these incidents. I did not look up the status of each incident. I can’t help but wonder if this is leading up to something. Targeting educational institutions, medical centers and the largest retail chain in the nation cannot be a coincidence. This bears watching.

6/28 – Two Wal Mart stores – Tulsa 6/28 – Two Wal Mart stores – Georgia 7/25 – Wal Mart store – Oklahoma 7/27 – Eight Wal Mart stores – Missouri 7/29 – Two Wal Mart stores – Kansas 7/29 – Lawrence Medical Center – Kansas 8/8 – Walter Reed Medical Center 8/17 – Carmike Cinema Movie Theatre – Muskogee 9/14 – University of Texas […] → Keep reading