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Squandering Our Nation’s Divine Protection

While watching the poll results come in on the Virginia Governor’s race last night I was not surprised to see Terry McAuliffe take the lead and emerge as the winner. There are several reasons why I believe he was able to defeat Ken Cuccinelli and I have seen most of them mentioned or discussed on other sites. But there is one factor I have wondered about and it is not something relating solely to yesterday’s election, or to any one election of the last few years. That being that we, as a nation, might no longer be under the protection of God. I’m sure to some that may seem a ridiculous concept, but to others it might not. As a student of the Bible I know that even Israel, God’s chosen people, were in and out of favor with God throughout parts of the Old Testament. More than once he turned them over to their enemies for chastisement when they […] → Keep reading