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State Ballot Measures to Note

The Heritage Foundation selected ten state ballot measures they considered worth watching, and they were, but there were others that I think bear noting. Now that Florida has finally finished counting their votes we can look at the results. Perhaps Florida should consider moving to an election system that doesn’t involve chisels and rocks.

The results show a wide range of ideologies in the states and make me very happy to live in Oklahoma, where some of these ridiculous measures would never have even been considered for the ballot. Apparently there’s a lot of people in some states who want to smoke marijuana.


Issue 5 – Authorize the use of medical marijuana in the state. – Failed


Proposition 30 – Jerry Brown’s tax increases. A state sales tax increase and also a retroactive income tax increase. – Passed Proposition 34 – End the death penalty. – Failed Proposition 39 – Income tax increase for multi state businesses. – […] → Keep reading