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Taxpayer Funded PBS Promotes Late Term Abortion

When I first read of the plans by PBS to broadcast a 90-minute program intended to “humanize” late-term abortion ‘doctors’ I knew I had to write a post about it. In doing research I came across Matt Walsh’s blog post about the program and I found it to be absolutely brilliant. Everything I wanted to say about this vile program and the evil that is abortion, Matt said it better. I’m reposting a portion of Matt’s post and you will find it well worth your time to click the link to Matt’s blog and finish reading his post.


Dear PBS,

This is quite the bold move. As a third rate, tax subsidized broadcasting outfit with a viewership in the single digits, I’d expect you’d try your best to fly under the radar. There is, after all, no conceivable reason for you to exist, nor is there a solid justification for spending tax money to keep afloat an irrelevant television […] → Keep reading