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Nelson Mandela: Just Another Thug

Nelson Mandela is reportedly in bad condition in the hospital and may soon die. When that happens I fully expect the media, the United Nations and countless governments and leftist groups around the world to respond as if Jesus himself had just died. Mandela is certainly not Jesus and he is also not the peace loving moderate portrayed to the world since his release from prison in 1990. Anyone examining his past will see clear ties to terrorism and overwhelming support and admiration for communist countries and their dictators.

His terrorism ties began in 1961 when he formed the belief that violence was the proper way to oppose the apartheid government of South Africa. Already in the African National Congress for more than a decade, he and the communist Joe Slovo formed the ANC’s guerrilla force called Umkhonto we Sizwe, which means Spear of the Nation. Over the next twenty nine years this group was responsible for countless attacks, explosions, […] → Keep reading