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Abortion Queen Wendy Davis: “I’m in”

The abortion queen says she’s in. Texas State Senator Wendy Davis has begun telling prominent Democrats in the state that she will be running for Governor next year. She will likely be up against Republican Greg Abbott, currently the Texas attorney general. Until a few months ago I had never heard of Davis. But, as Tom Dart wrote for The Guardian, “The state senator from Fort Worth became an overnight celebrity in June, as a result of her 11-hour filibuster against restrictive new abortion legislation.” Being reelected in 2012, her term as Senator would ordinarily not be up until 2016, but earlier this year the Texas senators drew for terms in a post-redistricting, once a decade process and Davis drew a two year term. If she loses the gubernatorial election next year she will not have a Senate term to complete.

Her voting record as Senator is largely unknown outside of Texas, except of course for the abortion bill. Mark […] → Keep reading

The Killers Among Us

They went to their deaths by the millions. Some had long journeys before reaching the place of their death. They didn’t know they were going to die upon their arrival. Their lives were brutally ended.

Their killers had no shame. No regret. No hesitation. Cold. Calculated. Methodical. Efficient. The instruments of death varied. Each killer had his own tools and his own preferred method. They profited from their murders. The more they killed; the more wealth they acquired.

There were many places for the killing to take place. After all, there was a lot of killing to do. People knew what was going on. Some openly said it was better for everyone if the killing continued. Some said it was better for those killed if they were dead. Those killed were not wanted. They were undesirables. Some were killed for having handicaps. Mental handicaps. Physical handicaps.

The lives of those killed were not relevant. Their rights were not […] → Keep reading

Oklahoma Democrats Scrap Their Own Rules

President Obama did win Oklahoma’s Democratic primary earlier this month, but he is so unpopular in the reddest state in the Union that he lost more than a dozen counties in the western part of the state.

Operation Rescue founder Randall Terry was also on the ballot as a Democrat and he managed to take 18 percent of the vote. Terry had himself placed on the ballot in several states in order to enable his anti-abortion commercials to be broadcast, labeling them as political ads. FCC rules require ads from political candidates be broadcast, even if the television stations would ordinarily have rejected them due to content.

Despite party rules that say Terry is entitled to a share of Oklahoma’s delegates to the Democratic convention, state party officials said last Friday that they would not give Terry any because they say he didn’t follow the party’s procedures and because he has proclaimed himself a “lifelong Republican.”

“He’s not a bona […] → Keep reading

Parents of the Year

It’s been months since I posted anything of significance to my blog. Today I saw something that has finally pulled me back into blogging.

Ariel and Deborah Levy of Portland, OR are suing Legacy Health for $3 million. The reason? Their daughter was born with Down syndrome. The plaintiffs contend that Legacy Health failed to accurately perform a prenatal test for Down. The Levys have told the court that, had they known, they would have aborted their daughter.

The Levys have gone on record and said that their first choice would have been to kill their daughter in the womb. I hope their daughter never learns of this when she is older.

Here’s the article if you want to read more: