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Squandering Our Nation’s Divine Protection

blessednationWhile watching the poll results come in on the Virginia Governor’s race last night I was not surprised to see Terry McAuliffe take the lead and emerge as the winner.  There are several reasons why I believe he was able to defeat Ken Cuccinelli and I have seen most of them mentioned or discussed on other sites.  But there is one factor I have wondered about and it is not something relating solely to yesterday’s election, or to any one election of the last few years.  That being that we, as a nation, might no longer be under the protection of God.  I’m sure to some that may seem a ridiculous concept, but to others it might not.  As a student of the Bible I know that even Israel, God’s chosen people, were in and out of favor with God throughout parts of the Old Testament.  More than once he turned them over to their enemies for chastisement when they were sinful as a nation.  I am certainly not saying that the United States has been God’s favored nation, but I do believe that throughout most of our history our nation has been under God’s protection. 

Over the last two hundred thirty-seven years we have prospered as a nation and have grown to become the most powerful nation in the world.  While we have not always had good men leading us, the soul of our nation has historically shown due reverence to God and was much different from the one I believe we have now.  As a nation we recognized God and His blessings upon us.  Our founding documents contain references to our Creator, our currency says we trust in Him, monuments reference Him, oaths of office mention Him (or at least they used to), our judicial system used to have people swear on the Bible to tell the truth.  But what happens when the soul of our nation changes and we, as a nation, reject God?  What happens when we change into a licentious nation more concerned with our own desires and worldly pleasures than with pleasing God?  What happens when deviant behavior is not just accepted as normal, but is celebrated and even rewarded?  What happens when we, as a nation, endorse the killing of God-given life more than 56 million times in the last forty years?  What happens when we allow atheists and heathen to use our courts to force us to remove God from public recognition?  What happens when we remove God from our schools and do not even allow mention of the name Jesus at Christmas time?  What happens when we become so enamored with our worldly possessions that things such as new technologies become idols?  What happens when children are no longer raised to have respect for others, their own parents, or God?  When our nation rejects God, how long do we think God will wait before turning us over to ourselves and allowing us to suffer from our own choices? 

Do I believe that God has turned us over to ourselves?  I don’t know, but I am certainly open to that being a possibility. If that were to happen, what would the consequences be to our nation?  Would we still be the most powerful nation in the world?  Would we still have the financial security as a nation that we have had in the past?  Would we still have an educational system that is unsurpassed?  Would we be ruled by heathen who couldn’t do more to destroy our nation if they tried?  Would leaders like Barack Obama, Terry McAuliffe, Bill Clinton, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, Janet Napolitano and Kathleen Sibelius ever be able to get elected?  Would the electorate vote in leaders who use the law to steal from producers and give to the lazy?  Would our God-given freedoms be chipped away until they were unrecognizable?

I make no claim to know what God thinks of our nation right now.  But I do know that the Bible tells us He is a jealous God (Exodus 20:4-6) and His patience is not unending.  If our nation continues down the path I believe we are on, there will come a point, if we have not already reached it, when God will turn His back on us as a nation and all the blessings that have allowed us to prosper for more than two centuries will come to an end.  When that day comes it will be no surprise at all to see pond scum like Terry McAuliffe win elections.  Have we already reached that point?  You tell me.

2 comments to Squandering Our Nation’s Divine Protection

  • I would not discount the theory you have proposed at all. In fact, I would go so far as to say it is more than a theory. America is a completely different nation that it was when I was growing up. The attitude of the people has changed in many ways. Much of that change has not been for the better. Thus, we see criminals like Terry McAuliffe winning elections when he should be in jail.

    The Bible speaks of a time when right will be called wrong and wrong will be called right. I wonder if we are not living in that era now.

    • If we’re not already living in that era I think we’re about to turn the corner. There are already many things that are definitely wrong that society sees as right, or at the least, acceptable. Once we are in that time I shudder to think what all will begin to happen to our nation.

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