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Sacrificing Principles for Political Expediency

There’s nothing like an election to show how much value people place on their principles. For those on the left, casting a vote for the most politically selfish of reasons is effortless since the left has no principles. Those on the right used to be guided by conservative principles, but it seems to be becoming more common for the right to abandon principle in favor of the same politically selfish reason exhibited by the left. Win the seat, at all costs, and the character of your candidate is irrelevant.

The dictionary defines principles as “an accepted or professed rule of action or conduct.” For those on the left, the only accepted or professed rule of conduct is to use an elected position to promote leftist ideals and programs. Any degenerate who does that will always be voted for, defended and supported by those on the left. Bill Clinton is the chief example of this premise with many others on the left being exposed (pun unintended) in the last few years as lewd miscreants who used their positions of power to victimize and harass others.

But what of those on the right? The right side of the political spectrum is not immune to the debauchery embraced by the left. Here in Oklahoma, we have seen firsthand the depravity that can infect politics. Former Republican State Senator Ralph Shortey has agreed this month to plead guilty to one count of child sex trafficking in exchange for three counts of child pornography being dropped. His downfall was shocking with the sudden exposure of his secret lifestyle. He had everyone fooled.

Lately, it seems like not a week goes by without another politician being exposed as a reprobate or having sexual misconduct allegations made against him. Al Franken, John Conyers, and Joe Barton have all had accusations made against them in recent weeks. But the most well-known politician to be accused of misconduct would have to be Roy Moore, Republican candidate for the Senate from Alabama.

The debate still rages among some as to whether or not Moore did what he is accused of, namely dating teenage girls while in his early thirties. While I believe there are legitimate questions as to the truthfulness of some of the allegations and I think it likely that there are some fabrications, I also have doubts as to Moore’s complete innocence I listened to his interview on Sean Hannity’s radio program after the allegations became known and I did not hear responses that convinced me his past is above reproach. He had multiple opportunities when asked if he had dated young teenage girls while in his thirties to say no, absolutely not, never happened. Instead, he gave noncommittal responses, said he didn’t remember and that anything that did happen was only with the permission of a girl’s mother It is certainly not enough to convict Moore in court but in my opinion, there is enough to cast doubt on his assertion of absolute innocence.

In spite of the accusations and Moore’s unconvincing response, there are many on the right saying that his past does not matter since his opponent is an abortion-supporting leftist. A Senate seat is too important to give up, they claim. Is it so important that principles should be sacrificed and a man who allegedly dated girls less than half his age be elected?

What purpose do principles serve if they are so easily jettisoned for political expediency?

People like myself who will not abandon principles at the ballot box have another option other than choosing between candidates such as Moore and his opponent – an undervote.

An undervote occurs when no selection is made for one race on the ballot but selections are made for other races on the same ballot. Here in Oklahoma, there were 15,931 undervotes in the presidential election last year. The Washington Post compiled election data from thirty-three states and found 754,000 undervotes in the presidential race. I was one of those undervotes. I made it crystal clear last year in my post titled I Will Never Join the Trump Cult that I believe Donald Trump to be an immoral man of low character whom I cannot support for president. And I certainly was not going to vote for Hillary Clinton, so I cast no vote for president.

When the tactics and candidates on the right become just as debased as those on the left, those who truly value their principles should choose neither. Is sacrificing principles in favor of defeating the left really something you want to call a victory? Do you really want a predator representing you? A rapist? A pedophile? I’m not referring to anyone specific with these labels; just generally. If it was your daughter on the receiving end of the attack or harassment, would you still vote for the perpetrator because he would vote the way you want on a bill or perhaps a Supreme Court nominee? How much are you willing to sacrifice in order to achieve your political objectives?

For years, the left excused and ignored Bill Clinton’s alleged rapes, affairs and sexual debauchery because he championed liberal policies. Remind yourself what you thought of Clinton’s defenders and then ask yourself if you want to be like them.

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