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Reagan vs. Obama – Social Economics 101

This video should be shown in every classroom. 

4 comments to Reagan vs. Obama – Social Economics 101

  • Such a simple video, but it contains a profound lesson. Socialism really doesn’t work.

  • Socialism really works guys. Reagan lowered taxes on the rich, raised them on everyone else. Is that a great thing?

    Have you heard of Canada? Germany? Switzerland? Norway? Sweden? Finland? Yeah, they’re all socialist. And woah, look at this, THEY WORK.

    ON TOP OF THAT, Reagan had higher per capita spending than Obama.

    And while the video is wel put together, it provides no facts and isn’t based in reality.

    • Just the first couple of your statements I checked are wrong. This makes everything you say suspect.

      Finland has socialist characteristics, but because means of production are not state owned, Finland cannot be considered to be a socialist country.

      Sweden has a social democratic economy, with high income tax and general welfare benefits. The Swedish economic model is not entirely socialistic, since the goal is to create a welfare state, not a state with collective ownership.

      You might want to read up on the definition of socialism.

      And let me ask you a question. Was it socialism that made the United States a great country? Or was it capitalism?

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