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On President Romney’s First Day…

Although the outcome of the election next Tuesday is not certain, it’s appearing more and more likely that Mitt Romney is going to be elected the 45th President of the United States.  On his first day in office he needs to hit the ground running and immediately begin correcting the devastation caused by Obama & crew.  Here’s a brief list of things he should do on his first day on the job.

1.  Sign the repeal of Obamacare, which Congress should have on his desk before the end of the day.  Priority number one.

2.  Meet with the leadership of the House and Senate and make plans for cutting personal income and business taxes.

3.  Demand Congress pass a budget.  Congress hasn’t passed a budget in four years.

4.  Call Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and assure him Israel has the support of the United States, emphasizing a joint approach in dealing with Iran.  But don’t apologize for the last four years.  I’m sick of people apologizing for the United States.

5.  Declassify all videos, audio recordings and documents on Benghazi.  Make it clear that those who have been silenced by the Obama administration should start talking.  It’s time to find out what really happened and why.

6.  The same goes for Fast and Furious.  Soon-to-be-former AG Eric Holder and the Justice Department should no longer be under the protection of executive privilege.

6.  Direct the new Secretary of Defense and the Joint Chiefs to begin strengthening our military and restoring the 20,000 Marines and 80,000 soldiers cut by Obama.

7.  Authorize the redeployment of missile defense to Poland and the Czech Republic that Obama cancelled.  Send a message to Putin that there will be no flexibility.

8.  Order the issuance of permits for oil and natural gas exploration and drilling on federal land.  It’s time to release the stranglehold on American energy companies.

9.  Restore the $760 billion that Obama looted from Medicare.

10.  Install new leadership at the EPA who will reverse the environmental regulations advanced by Obama’s people, who have added billions in new operating costs and compliance requirements to the coal industry.  Over the next four years there are 175 coal-fired power plants currently scheduled to be shut down.  Start now to reverse the damage done by Obama’s war on coal.

11.  Break for a brief lunch.

12.  Do ten more before dinner.


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