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Oklahoma State Agency Consolidation

State Representative Jason Murphey (R-Guthrie), chair of the House Government Modernization Committee, has written an opinion piece for the Edmond Sun in which he discusses a recent study to analyze the possible benefits of consolidating some of Oklahoma’s central service agencies.  Central service agencies are the state agencies which provide services to other Oklahoma state agencies.

Murphey lists the following agencies:

Department of Central Services
Office of State Finance
Office of Personnel Management
Employees Benefits Council
Merit Protection Commission
Oklahoma State Employee Education and Group Insurance Board
Archives and Records Commission
Department of Libraries

Murphey says, “Consolidating some of all of these agencies would present state policy leaders with the opportunity to realize greater efficiency and cost savings through the streamlining of services.”

One study detailed a possible savings of $10 million per year if the consolidation resulted in a reduction of just 20% of appropriated dollars.

Murphey believes the proposed plan will receive serious consideration from the Oklahoma Legislature during the upcoming session.  He told News On 6 in Tulsa that all boards, agencies and commissions will be considered when evaluating consolidation and that this will be a priority issue.

“We have to put everything on the table, we have to tackle the most politically achievable first, but, we have to start from there and work our way up, eliminating those inefficiencies as quickly as possible,” said Murphey.

A 2007 State Government Agency Study, released by Murphey, shows Oklahoma has a far greater number of agencies than comparable states and that the number has increased over the last 24 years by more than 5 new agencies per year.


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