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Oklahoma Gun Laws – Striving To Be Worst

gun_rights1Last week the Brady Center released their annual scorecard rating states on how strict their gun laws are.  Alaska, Arizona and Utah all scored zero points, meaning those states have the least restrictive laws.  Oklahoma is one of six states with just two points. California had the ‘best’ score with 81 points.  The Brady Center gave Oklahoma two points for not forcing colleges to allow guns on campus. 

Senator Steve Russell has proposed several bills to expand gun rights in Oklahoma, including an open carry bill and another to permit concealed weapons on college campuses.  The legislature has previously passed an open carry bill, but it was vetoed by then Governor Brad Henry.

I strongly encourage the Oklahoma legislature to make zero points their goal.  After that, it is possible to score in the negative by enacting permitless concealed carry as Alaska and Arizona have.

What the Brady’s fail to mention in their scorecard and accompanying press release is that 25% of all violent crime in the country occurs in the four states with the most restrictive firearms laws.  Even if more restrictive gun laws could reduce crime, does that justify denying citizens their Second Amendment right to defend themselves and their families?  Criminal acts by the minority should not result in restrictions on the law-abiding majority.

The Brady Center’s scorecard is an attempt to bring about more restrictive gun laws.  But, to gun rights advocates, their scorecard shines the spotlight on states denying citizens their basic rights and should serve as motivation to the rest of the states to be the worst.  Be the absolute worst.


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