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Obama’s Reelection Brings Massive Layoffs

unemploymentBarack Obama’s reelection last Tuesday had an almost immediate reaction from many companies.  That reaction is to either begin layoffs or announce they are imminent.  Some of these layoffs are a result of the economic instability caused by Obama’s policies and some are due to the increased business costs mandated by Obamacare.  Whichever the reason, the fact remains that Obama’s reelection is already costing thousands of workers their jobs.  No doubt some of these people voted for Obama.  I hope they are happy with the outcome.

This is just a short list I compiled in a few minutes from many different sites listing layoffs.  There are many, many, many others. 

Welch Allyn, New York – 275 jobs over the next three years
Dana Holding Corp., Ohio – unknown number of 25,500 staff ($24 million in costs to cover)
Stryker, New York – 96 jobs now and 1,170 planned
Boston Scientific – 1,200 to 1,400 jobs
Medtronic – 1,000 (500 already cut, 500 next year)
Smith & Nephew – 770 jobs
Abbott Labs – 700 jobs
Covidien – 595 jobs
Kinetic Concepts – 427 jobs
St. Jude Medical – 300 jobs
Hill Rom – 200 jobs
Energizer, St. Louis – 1,500 jobs
Exide Technologies – 150 jobs
Westinghouse – 50 jobs
Research in Motion Ltd. – 200 jobs
Lightyear Network Solutions – 12+ jobs
Providence Journal – 23 jobs
Hawker Beechcraft – 240 jobs
Boeing – 30% fewer executives
CVPH Medical Center – 17 jobs
US Cellular – 980 jobs
Momentive Performance Materials – 150 jobs
Rocketdyne – 100 employees
Brake Parts – 75 jobs
Vestas Wind Systems – 3,000 jobs
Husqvarna – 600 jobs
Center for Hospice New York – 40 jobs
Bristol-Meyers – 480 jobs
OCE North America – 135 jobs
West Ridge Mine – unknown number (204 coal-fired power plants closed by 2014)
United Blood Services Gulf – 10% of their employees
DuPont – 1,500 jobs worldwide
Penn Refrigeration – 40 jobs
TMX Group Ltd – 100 jobs
Murray Energy Corp – 163 jobs

In addition to the lost jobs, other companies are looking into limiting the hours of some of their employees to avoid health care requirements under Obamacare.  Some of these companies include:

Darden Restaurants – Parent corporation for Red Lobster, Olive Garden and LongHorn Steakhouse
JANCOA Janitorial Services
Kroger – tens of thousands of employees could be limited to 28 hours per week
Papa John’s Pizza
Apple-Metro (Applebee’s Franchise Chain in New York)


2 comments to Obama’s Reelection Brings Massive Layoffs

  • I wonder if this is the hope and change Obama has talked so much about? I am afraid Americans have drastically underestimated the impact his second term is going to have on our country and its citizens.

    • There was every indication this would happen but people didn’t care enough to vote accordingly. Too many were voting for their Santa Claus who would give them free stuff. Out of all the people who have lost or will be losing their jobs a lot of them probably voted for Obama. It might be the wrong attitude but I don’t feel sorry for them one bit and to them I would say shut up and get in the unemployment line.

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