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Obamacare Ad Campaign: Women Are Sluts

I hesitated before writing about this, but I decided I would post it and not try to sugar coat it at all.  The folks at the Thanks Obamacare campaign have put together a website to provide information on Obamacare.  It’s a Colorado website created by the Colorado Consumer Health Initiative and Progress Now Colorado Education. The name of the website is  You read that right; it says ‘do you got;’ not ‘do you have.’  But were they to leave it at that their website probably wouldn’t be getting so much attention.  In addition to the atrocious grammar they’ve also created an ad campaign showing different people with different reasons to have health insurance.  The ad below is one of them.  The creators of this ad; the promoters of Obamacare; are not even being subtle about telling women to get their insurance, get their birth control and go be sluts.  Apparently, Sandra Fluke is the left’s ideal woman.  Be a slut; have relations with as many men as you want and let the government (taxpayers) pay for your birth control.  Is this what the left thinks women should be like?  Apparently.  Is this what every Democrat woman should want for her daughter?  Apparently.  Is this what the left thinks taxpayers should be funding?  Apparently.  So, all you women, go get your insurance.  Go get your birth control.  And go find some hot-to-trot guys and be sluts.  Be good little leftist whores.  It’s apparently a requirement.



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