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Obama the Murderer

obamaMuch has been made of the recent attacks on our embassies in Libya and Egypt and the death of Ambassador Chris Stevens and other Americans.  The Obama administration initially claimed the attacks were ‘spontaneous protests’ and scoffed at those who said these were planned attacks. 

Last week the White House spokesman Jay Carney was finally admitting the truth, saying, “It is, I think, self-evident that what happened in Benghazi was a terrorist attack.”

Meanwhile, Obama was on Univision and responded to a question about whether the attacks were planned by saying, “We don’t know yet. We’re going to continue to investigate this.”

Why the difference of opinion on what happened?  Why can’t Obama and his staff get their story straight?  Before that can be answered there are two more reports that need to be examined.

First, in spite of the initial denials of the Obama administration, there are multiple reports of the US State Department having 48 to 72 hours advance warning of the attacks.  So much for spontaneous.  But, the State Department issued no warnings and made no attempts to insure our diplomats had the protection they needed.

Second is a report from Howard Kurtz detailing the political boost that Obama’s campaign strategists see for him as a result of the attacks.

The truth from all this is likely that the Obama administration knew of the planned attacks but did nothing and hoped they would happen so Obama could somehow get some political gain for his reelection campaign.  After the death of Chris Stevens and the horror of Americans as they watched his body being paraded around the street, some backpedaling had to be done.

Having advance knowledge of these ‘spontaneous’ attacks but doing nothing to protect our diplomats is reprehensible.  Leaving our diplomats to be cannon fodder in the hopes of getting a boost in the polls is the same as turning them over to the attackers to be killed. 

Did Obama know of the advance warning?  Of course he did.  Did he choose to do nothing, probably on the advice of his strategists?  Of course he did.  Did Chris Stevens and three other Americans die because of this?  Yes, they did. 

The terrorists who attacked our embassies were the ones who actually killed our countrymen.  But Obama gave his tantamount permission with his inaction.  Stevens’ blood is on Obama’s hands.  And he knows this, which is why he is still denying the attacks were planned, even when his staff admit the truth. 

2 comments to Obama the Murderer

  • There really is no way to know for sure if Obama and his administration knew the attacks were coming. If they did, and still refused to act, all because of a possible boost in the polls, they should be fired and ran out of town. To sacrifice American lives for something so insignificant is just plain wrong.

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