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Obama Praises the Mosque of the Oklahoma Beheader

Late last month, Colleen Hufford was at work at Vaughan Food Distribution in Moore, Oklahoma when Jah’Keem Yisrael (Alton Nolen) rushed into the building, stabbed her multiple times, then cut off her head.  He had just been fired for getting into arguments with coworkers about stoning women.  He is said to have gone home to retrieve his knife, then returned to the business where he beheaded Hufford and began stabbing another woman before he was shot by the COO of Vaughan Foods, Mark Vaughan.  Vaughan is also an Oklahoma County reserve sheriff’s deputy. 

Witnesses to the beheading said Yisrael was shouting Islamic phrases during the attack.  He had recently converted to Islam while in prison and was attending the Islamic Society of Greater Oklahoma City.  This is the same mosque attended by Zacharias Moussaoui, who was to have been the 20th hijacker on 9/11.  A former member of this mosque shared some chilling information about it with Fox’s Megyn Kelly.

Fox News Insider – The former mosque member, identified only as “Noor,” discussed his experience at Islamic Society of Greater Oklahoma City, which beheading suspect Alton Nolen attended. “I observed the teachings of Islam […] to the public, the mosque will not promote terrorism or any kind of radical acts, but when they’re among friends and congregants only, they will promote the true teachings of Islam, which include the offer to non-Muslims – the choice rather that you must convert, live under Islamic rule, or be fought against. Jihad, for the sake of Allah.”

“Noor” said he was told at the mosque that suicide bombings against Israel are supported because the tactic is “the only weapon the Palestinians have, but do not mention this to the media because they would not understand.”

He said two of the men at the mosque once told him they would “protect” Usama bin Laden if he ever showed up at their door.

On beheadings, “Noor” said he only heard about that as “the means of which you confront the infidel as it is related to in the Koran that when you meet the unbelievers you should smite at their necks.”

The quote also appeared on a Facebook page of suspect Alton Nolen.

He said he left the mosque due to the extreme teachings, then went back “at the request of law enforcement.”

In spite of all this – Islamic murderer, beheading, radical mosque – the Obama administration and law enforcement are referring to this as ‘workplace violence’ instead of what it is – Islamic terrorism. 

Colleen Hufford’s funeral was last Friday, October 3rd.  There was no representative from the Obama administration in attendance and no statement or letter from Obama. 

On Saturday, October 4th, there was a representative from the Obama administration in Oklahoma City.  David Myers, an official with the Department of Homeland Security, was in town to read a message of gratitude and praise to… the mosque!  The message said in part, “Your service is a powerful example of the powerful roots of the Abrahamic faiths and how our communities can come together with shared peace with dignity and a sense of justice.” 

The Obama administration claims the message was in response to the efforts by Oklahoma Muslims to help rebuild Moore after a devastating tornado in 2013. 

Timing is everything.

And apparently, to the Obama administration, Colleen Hufford and her family are nothing.Yisrael-Obama1

5 comments to Obama Praises the Mosque of the Oklahoma Beheader

  • I think it’s pretty clear that President Obama, indeed his entire administration, have loyalties that are not where they should be. They go out of their way to make things look like racism or discrimination, but refuse to call a spade a spade when it is as plain as the nose on their face.

    Their version of events and the political correctness that drives everything they do is disgusting.

  • Gary Jackson

    And it really makes no sense for them to support the radicals like this. I guess they don’t realize that everything the libs stand for, gay rights, women rights, etc is against everything Islam supposedly stands for. I guess they don’t know that radical Muslims would stone or otherwise kill any homosexual they come across. They would do the same to any of the liberal women that didn’t cower down to them.

    • Oh they know that Islamists would murder the libs just as fast, if not faster, than the right. But for right now they have a common enemy – us – and that means the Muslims will get their support. The real question is, are the libs using the Muslims to help fight the Christians and the right, or are the Muslims using the libs for the same reason? Maybe both.

  • Kachina

    From we are no longer a Christian nation to thanking the Oklahoma mosque to apologizing to the Arabs for Benghazi…this man is an enemy in our White House! IMPEACH before he causes anymore harm to US…

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