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MSNBC: Blacks Are Second Class

Melissa-Harris-Perry-Romney-378x414Those on the left have always made themselves the self-appointed authorities on all things where race can be injected.  By them, of course.  And now that includes a photo of Mitt Romney, his wife and their grandchildren.  In case you missed it, MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry has issued an apology to the Romney family after a panel on her show mocked Romney for the fact that one of his grandchildren is black.  They laughed as a ‘comedian’ joked that the baby is the only one in a sea of white – just like the Republican Party.  Harris wrote in her apology that “the intent of featuring the photo was to celebrate it.”  And if you believe that you’re probably still believing that you can keep your health plan if you like it.  CNN Analyst Marc Lamont Hill also jumped in, saying, “Some would say maybe that it’s an exploitative picture, that they’re exploiting the kid by hauling out this black person.”  He went on to say that he didn’t think Romney “has any ulterior movies” but that it’s “reasonable to tease Romney and question his motives” because he is a public figure.  Apparently, it’s acceptable to mock the race of a baby if the grandfather is a public figure.  And apparently, it was completely lost on all these people that Mitt Romney did not adopt this baby; one of his sons did.  Was he supposed to leave his adopted grandchild out of the picture because she is black?  Can you imagine the media firestorm if he’d done that?  Clearly, this was a blatant attempt to paint a former GOP candidate for president as someone who is using a black baby for his own gain.  Is it any wonder why more people watch reruns of Leave It To Beaver than any show on MSNBC? 

But there’s something being missed here.  I’ve seen all the reports of what happened, the apologies from panelists, the tweets and the play by play on Twitchy.  What everyone seems to have missed is that the panel who mocked this baby and others, such as Marc Lamont Hill, who justify it are betraying their own apparent belief that blacks are second class people.  Why on earth would a white family adopt a black baby other than to “haul out a black person” for personal gain, they say.  It seems to be beyond their comprehension that a loving family would adopt a baby without regard to race.  This attitude is what those on the left have always projected about blacks.  While seizing every possible opportunity to scream racism, they themselves project what Rush Limbaugh describes as the “soft bigotry of low expectations.”  Blacks need help from the government to succeed, they say.  Give preferential treatment to blacks on college admissions and job applications, they say.  Such ‘help’ and preferential treatment is nothing but an insult to blacks, saying they can’t succeed on their own.  Windbags like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson have made careers out of injecting racism into every opportunity, but they and others like them are the biggest racists of all.  In order to believe that one of Mitt Romney’s sons adopted a black baby for the political gain of his father, you have to first believe that a black baby is second class to a white baby.  Those who mock Mitt Romney and his grand baby need only look in the mirror if they want to see racists.  They’re the only ones I see who believe a black baby shouldn’t be with a white family.

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  • I think you have pinpointed exactly what is really going on here. The people who have mocked the Romney family for adopting a black girl and having the audacity to include her in a normal family photo are the racists. Once again, we have a bunch of liberals accusing their political opponents of something they are guilty of themselves.

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