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More You Might Be A Liberal…

I’m loving these.  Here’s more from Twitter with the #YouMightBeALiberal hashtag.

If you think name calling proves your point.

If you think raising taxes creates jobs.

If you care more about polar bears than babies in the womb.

If you think global warming is a bigger threat to America than radical islam.

If you won’t stand for the flag.

If you think the United Nations is an efficient governmental body.

If you think protesting is okay, unless a straight, white, Christian taxpayer is doing it.

If you think people who never owned slaves should pay reparations to people who were never slaves.

If you think poverty is caused by the wealthy.

If you have never been in favor of cutting taxes.

If you want to negotiate with terrorists.

If you think an insect has the right to stop a construction project.

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