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Media Ignores Black On White Crime

media manipulationIn West Point, MS, a former U.S. Marine went into a Waffle House late at night with a friend of his.  As he went in a white man warned him not to enter because he is black.  He went in anyway and was immediately set upon by whites and jeered at.  He and his friend left the Waffle House and went down the street to a nearly vacant Huddle House.  A crowd of white men followed them to the Huddle House and attacked them in the parking lot while screaming racial slurs.  He was kicked in the head numerous times sustaining serious injuries and was rushed to the hospital where he was placed in a medically induced coma.  His friend sustained broken bones in his face, a laceration over his left eye and a blood clot in his right eye.

The West Point Chief of Police Tim Brinkley, who is white, said the attack by the mob was not a “hate crime” and that his department would pursue only an aggravated assault charge against the attackers.  The department put out a press release which downplayed the attack, saying “the evidence and statements suggest that a verbal altercation turned physical and somebody got hurt.”

You haven’t heard about this attack?  You haven’t seen it on CNN, MSNBC or even Fox?  It hasn’t been the main story for two weeks now?  Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton aren’t making a beeline for West Point?  President Obama didn’t interrupt his golf game to comment on the event?  The White House didn’t dispatch Attorney General Eric Holder to West Point to investigate with forty of his top FBI agents?

Perhaps the reason you haven’t heard about this story and none of the folks mentioned in the previous paragraph are taking an interest is because the races of all involved are exactly the opposite of what you just read.  The attackers were all black, the two victims were white and the police chief is black.

Black on white crime just isn’t newsworthy and apparently doesn’t ever rise to the level of being a hate crime.  And from the lack of attention given all the black on black murders in Chicago, Detroit and other cities, those are also not crimes worthy of anyone’s attention.  But white on black crime, or even a white killing a black in self-defense, now that is newsworthy, a good fund-raising opportunity for the racists Sharpton and Jackson and worthy of attention from the Obama administration.

The media is knee-deep in this as well, making thugs like Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin into victims, but ignoring the black on white crimes.  The attack in West Point was downplayed by the AP, which used the headline “2 Hurt in West Point Confrontation.”  Just imagine the headline had the races been reversed.

Here are a few other black on white crimes that I’m sure you’ve never heard of:

  • In Cleveland, a black man on a moped bumped into a truck driven by a white man and fell over.  He was not injured.  A crowd of forty black people pulled the driver from the truck and brutally beat him.  One of them got into the truck and ran over the driver, killing him.  The crowd cheered.
  • In Jacksonville, a group of black men decided they would brutalize the next white person they saw walking down the street.  The next white person was a mentally disturbed, 50-year old white man, whom they beat and stomped into unconsciousness.  He died from his injuries.
  • In Massachusetts, four black men decided to beat the next white person they saw.  A white college student was spotted and they stabbed him to death.
  • In North Carolina, seven black men kidnapped a white woman, raped her, put her in a tub of bleach, shot her five times and dumped her body.  When caught they said they did it for racial reasons.
  • Also in North Carolina, four black teenagers lured a ten-year old white girl into a vacant house, sodomized her, strangled her with a wire and beat her to death with a board.
  • In New York City, a woman was assaulted and raped by a black man who called her racist names during the attack.  Police refused to label it a hate crime.
  • In Virginia, a black man walking through a neighborhood went into a yard where an eight year old white boy was playing, shouted racial epithets at him and killed him by slitting his throat.
  • In Miami, the leader of a black supremacist group called Yaweh ben Yaweh enticed his followers to kill “white devils.”  They murdered at least seven white people and brought body parts back to their leader.
  • In Georgia, two black teens rob a mother pushing her one year old child in a stroller.  After leaving with the woman’s purse, one teen returned seconds later and fired his gun into the baby’s head point-blank.
  • In Detroit, two black males abducted and killed a white couple.  The victims were bound, shot and burned beyond recognition.  Police called it a “thrill killing.”
  • In Kansas City, two black teens attacked a white boy on his front porch.  They poured gasoline on him and set him on fire while shouting, “You get what you deserve white boy!”
  • In Las Vegas a black man raped a white woman and her ten-year old daughter.  He then killed both by smashing their skulls with a hammer.

There are numerous other examples I could list, but this is enough to make my point.  One or two of these you may have heard about through social media but I’d be very surprised if you read of any of these crimes in the news.

Look over the list again and ask yourself how different the coverage would have been if the perpetrators had been white and the victims black.  Are there some instances of black on white crime that does get reported?  Certainly, but overall it is downplayed to the point of being almost nonexistent.

Black on white crime doesn’t fit the liberal & media narrative on race.  They hype grievances and perceived injustices, making all the problems of the black community the fault of whites.  The recent shooting of Michael Brown by Officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson, MO, is a classic example.  The thug Brown, who just moments earlier committed a strong-arm robbery, is shot by Officer Wilson, purportedly in self-defense.  The eyewitness accounts do not all agree, the evidence is not all in and the investigation is not complete.  But despite this, the media, the black community, Obama and Holder are all proceeding on the already-decided belief that Wilson is guilty of murder.

Two days after the Michael Brown shooting, a black officer in Salt Lake City shoots and kills an unarmed white man and the media is silent.  The race hustlers Sharpton and Jackson don’t jet to Utah, the nightly news shows remain focused on Ferguson and Obama doesn’t interrupt his golf game to comment on the incident or dispatch Eric Holder with a plane load of FBI agents.  And the media that bothers to report the shooting at all do their part by reporting the race of the officer as “not white.”  Besides the reversal in races, the huge difference in these shootings is that there is no evidence or claim whatsoever that Dillon Taylor, the dead man in Utah, committed any crime just before his encounter with police.  There is no claim that he resisted, no claim that he hit the officer and no claim that he tried to flee, and yet he was still killed.  Had Taylor been black the hotels in Salt Lake City would be overflowing with media.

The left and the media seem to have the belief that only black people can be victims and that includes black thugs who are killed in encounters with the police.  White people are the oppressors of minorities and that justifies whatever black on white crime occurs.  It justifies the looting that Sharpton and some black community leaders in Ferguson seemed to be endorsing.  Nothing says racial justice like stealing some Twinkies and beef jerky before burning down the neighborhood convenience store. 

The truth is that the white oppression myth promulgated by the left and the media serves only to incite minorities to anger and some to violence.  The left wants them to be angry so they will continue to vote en masse for the Democrats, who pretend to be their friends, but in reality are the biggest minority oppressors of all with their progressive policies.  By promulgating the myth, the left and the media become accessories to the racial crimes committed by those who believe they are oppressed.  The racial animus stirred up by the left and the media benefits the left politically but the by-product of that is white funerals.   But, of course the left and the media don’t care.  They’re already using the blacks for their own selfish gains.  It should come as no surprise that they’re just fine using the whites as well.


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