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The Media: Democrats Don’t Lie

Democrats don’t lie.  That’s what the media tells us.  For decades now the media has been the self-appointed protectors of Democrats, shielding them from political fallout and spinning their lies into ‘gaffes’ or ’embellishments.’  The IRS scandal.  Benghazi.  Fast and Furious.  The NSA.  Veterans.  Obamacare and many other scandals.  The public has been lied to, blatantly, time and time again by the Obama administration and their friends in the media who cover for the Democrats.  Hillary Clinton has been protected on Benghazi.  Eric Holder has been protected on Fast and Furious.  Andrew Cuomo has been protected after saying that conservatives should just leave New York.  And now Wendy Davis, Texas State Senator running for Governor, is being protected after lies in her bio have been exposed by a left leaning reporter.

Details about when she was married, had a child, got divorced and how her education was financed were all “blurred,” according to the Dallas Morning News.  Or “fuzzy facts” in the Washington Post.  A “gaffe,” also in the Washington Post.  Or “embellished” on MSNBC.  Or “misstated” on ABC.   Davis acknowledged some details and the timeline of her life story were wrong, saying, “My language should have been tighter.  I’m learning about using broader, looser language.  I need to be more focused on the detail.”  She also blamed her Republican opponent, Texas State Attorney General Greg Abbott, for being responsible for “campaign attacks on the personal story of my life as a single mother who worked hard to get ahead.”  The reporter who wrote the story in the Dallas Morning News that exposed her lies, Wayne Slater, said on Twitter that he had zero contact with “Abbott people.”

It’s obvious what is going on here.  For a long time the Democrats have salivated at the thought of turning Texas into a blue state.  With their ownership of the electoral votes from California and New York, adding Texas to the mix would all but guarantee their supremacy on the national stage for years to come.  But, Republicans in Texas have been very successful at ending that dream.  Governor Rick Perry was reelected in 2010, defeating the Democrat challenger by 13 points, and Greg Abbott has a massive war chest ready for his campaign for Governor.

davisAnd then last summer, Wendy Davis appeared on the stage.  Her one claim to fame, her one accomplishment upon which she became the media darling and Democrat’s Joan of Arc, was to temporarily stop some anti-abortion legislation from being passed in the Texas State Legislature.  Governor Perry later called a special session and the legislation was passed, but by then Davis was already on the media pedestal, being touted as the perfect candidate to run for Governor.  Before this happened I doubt anyone outside of Texas had even heard of Wendy Davis.  But now, with her being the champion of abortion, or the ‘Abortion Barbie’ as she is sometimes called, the media and the Democrats saw her as their best chance to turn Texas blue.

Wayne Slater and the Dallas Morning News have poured water on her fire.  Davis has been exposed as a liar.  Yes, compared to the whoppers told by Obama and company, the lies told by Davis might seem innocent by comparison.  Nobody died.  Nobody’s life was destroyed.  But in politics, having the trust of the public is essential and Davis has already proven that she cannot be trusted.  If she will lie to the residents of Texas about her personal life, how can she be trusted to tell the truth about anything?

Even without the true details of her personal life coming out, I do not believe Wendy Davis had a chance at all of being elected Governor of Texas.  For Democrats, she is a one-issue candidate and with that issue being abortion she had zero chance of defeating Greg Abbott.  But, she is still the media darling and they must come to her defense.  In doing so they just continue to expose themselves as tools of the left.

Wendy Davis will lose the election but she will still be a State Senator, at least until the 2016 election.  She will always remain the heroine of the left who stood up against the Republicans and fought for women’s ‘right to choose.’  In reality, she will be a woman who left her husband the day after he made the final payment on her law school education.  The woman whose own child requested her father be her custodian.  The woman who was under an order of the court to not use illegal drugs or alcohol within 24 hours before or after having access to her child.  The woman accused of adultery by her husband.  And the woman who lied about it all.  But hey, she champions killing babies so it’s all irrelevant.  To the media.  And to the Democrats.

2 comments to The Media: Democrats Don’t Lie

  • Don’t you just love how the media phrases these things? Misstated, gaffe, fuzzy facts, etc. are all terms they love to use when one of their friends in the Democratic Party is under fire. A quick look back at the Bush administration shows us that the same “courtesy” was not given to Bush and company. When they made decisions based upon the intel they were provided, they were accused of flat-out lying to the American people and waging a war based on a false premise.

    Funny how everything changes when the Democrats start lying.

    • Bush was the biggest liar in the country, according to the media. With the media being the propaganda wing of the Democratic Party I find it amazing sometimes that the Republicans are able to get anyone elected at all. Look at the job they just did on Christie. I’m no fan of Christie but I think it blatantly hypocritical of the media to go after him but let all the Democrats off on their own scandals.

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