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Looters and Liberals: Parasites With a Common Goal

lootingWhile watching the news from the St. Louis area unfold last night I could not help but draw some comparisons between the looting and destruction going on and the liberalism that has infested our country.  If you have missed it on the news, a black teenager named Michael Brown was shot and killed on Saturday by police in Ferguson, MO, which is a suburb community on the north side of the St. Louis metro area.  Currently, there are conflicting accounts of exactly what happened that led to Brown’s death, with some saying he was surrendering with his arms raised and was shot by police anyway while others say Brown fought with a police officer and attempted to get control of his weapon, being shot by the officer in self-defense.  The St. Louis Police Department is conducting an independent investigation and I read this morning that the Federal Bureau of Investigation may be asked to investigate.  No word at press time about the race of the officer. 

But the lack of facts hasn’t stopped the thugs from rioting, looting and pillaging.  What started as a peaceful protest against the police, with some protestors holding signs denouncing the police “executing” Brown, quickly escalated into violence with rioters ransacking buildings, burning at least one building and looting many others.  Vandalism has been rampant with scores of businesses having their windows smashed and property destroyed.  The Associated Press has reported a QuickTrip and a Wal-Mart being looted along with a check cashing store, a boutique and a small grocery store, with the contents being carried off by looters.  I’m sure that the family of Michael Brown feels much better knowing that their neighborhood businesses have been destroyed.  That’s justice, isn’t it?

But the looting and destruction wasn’t satisfying enough for some.  Twitchy has documented scores of people tweeting demands that the rioting and looting be done only in white neighborhoods.  A few seemed to realize the stupidity of destroying their own neighborhood.  One tweeted, “The rioters should go into white neighborhoods and burn their buildings.  why (sic) destroy your own environment?”  Ah, now we come to the real motivation.  Get whitey!  Burn his building and loot his property!  If it turns out that the police officer who shot Michael Brown is black, would that change the mood of the rioters and make them realize the error of their violent ways?  Hardly.  The death of Michael Brown is but one more in a long line of events going back decades that thugs have used as an excuse to do what is really in their hearts – riot, pillage, destroy, assault, and even murder. 

Isn’t liberalism a similar philosophy?  The primary tenet of liberalism is to take from the productive and give to the unproductive, no matter what kind of damage it does to our society.  The liberals in our government merely have the courtesy to not smash our windows and burn down our buildings while looting from us.  After all, they plan to keep coming back to us for more plunder.  Barack Obama’s comment to Joe the Plumber that “when you spread the wealth around, it’s good for everybody” clearly means that wealth must be looted from those who have it before it can be “spread” around.  Like looting, liberalism takes from the producers in society and gives to the leeches.  To the people who vote for a living.  To the people who take no responsibility for their own lives and expect everyone else to provide them with whatever they need or want.  

The rioters will tell you that they’re mad about ‘unfairness’ or ‘social injustice,’ and that somehow justifies smashing windows and running off with all the beef jerky from the local QuickTrip, which by the way, has been burned down.  Ask a liberal or a rioter what their fair share of someone else’s property is and you’ll get the usual claptrap about it not being right that someone else has more than they do. 

Thomas Sowell once said, “No society ever thrived because it had a large and growing class of parasites living off those who produce.”  The parasites have come out of the woodwork in Ferguson and are showing their true colors.  Looting and vandalizing is their modus operandi, which makes them easy to spot.  The more dangerous looting parasites are the ones who put on a suit and get elected to office.  They smile and glad-hand you with one hand while stealing your wallet with the other.  But don’t be fooled by the fact that the parasite in a suit doesn’t burn down your business.  With regulations and confiscatory tax laws they can do more damage to your livelihood than the moronic thugs who smash your windows and steal your property.

Looters and liberals are essentially two peas in a pod that have a common goal, but different methods.  After watching the events in Ferguson I’d have to say I respect the looters more than the liberals.  At least they’re not trying to hide the fact that their goal is to steal and destroy.

3 comments to Looters and Liberals: Parasites With a Common Goal

  • I’ve never thought about it like this, but you are right. Liberals and looters are a lot alike. One is just more subtle than the other.

    And why do so many “peaceful protests” turn into opportunities for people to start looting?

    • Peaceful protests are just an opportunity for the thug mentality to start operating on a group level. And I’d be willing to wager that if you ask the rioters for the name of the man killed by the police, most of them wouldn’t have a clue.

  • I suspect you are right. They probably don’t even know the name of the person in whose name they are looting.

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