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Liberals and ISIS: Two Peas In A Pod

A not-so-surprising Pew Research Center Poll has shown that Democrats fear the fictional man-made global warming more than the Islamic terrorist group, ISIS.  Sixty-eight percent of Democrats polled said global warming is a major threat to the U.S. while only sixty-five percent said the same for ISIS.  If the ISIS terrorists read this they will be horrified to think that there are Americans who fear weather more than them. 

While I was pondering the implications of this poll it occurred to me that ISIS has qualities that should appeal to those on the left.  They may even want to send volunteers to the Middle East to conduct voter outreach and registration drives. 

The two main things that ISIS is known for is their savage butchery and beheadings, and their attempt to wipe out Christianity from the areas which they control.  If you don’t see where I’m going yet, stay with me on this.

To my mind, the butchery and beheadings by ISIS aren’t that much different from the butchery and beheadings done by abortionists here in the U.S.  Both are using savage butchery to kill scores of people.  And by almost the same methods.  The only difference is that those killed by ISIS are out of the womb. 

Two weeks ago ISIS terrorists surrounded people from a Yazidi village and killed a woman who refused to convert to Islam in a most horrific way.

Reuters – “They tied the hands of one woman to the back of a car and her legs to another car and they split her into two,” Hasan said beside makeshift tents as women cried.

“Have you seen anything like this? This is all because she is not Muslim and did not want to be converted. We barely made it.”

Pulling bodies apart, limb from limb, in the womb is a common method for aborting a baby.  How is this acceptable but ISIS doing the same to a woman is not?  Spare me the claim that a baby is not yet a person and is therefore fair game to be killed.  It is beyond me how someone won’t define decapitating children in the womb as morally wrong, but thinks it’s horrible when ISIS beheads someone. 

ISIS and the left also share an animosity for Christianity.  Oh, don’t be fooled by the left.  Some of them will claim they are Christian and say they support religious freedom, but the reality of it is that the free expression of religion as protected by the First Amendment is anathema to the left.  Remember the Democratic Convention in 2012 when the delegates actually booed placing recognition of God into the party platform?   Yes, everyone I know who supports Christianity boos God.   The left also hates Christianity because the gay community despises it.  Christianity correctly defines homosexuality for what it is – a sin – and that is an ideology that must be silenced as far as the left is concerned.  Christianity teaches morality and personal charity.  Liberalism teaches amorality and government confiscation and redistribution of wealth.  To the left, government is their religion and there is no place for Christianity.

ISIS has no place for Christians, either, which is why they are killing all those that they can find.

Christian Post – The Christian genocide taking place in the Middle East currently has reached alarming levels. Last week, the jihadist terrorist group ISIS, which means the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria – although it is unrecognized as a nation – took over Qaraqosh, the largest Christian town in Iraq, warning Christians to “leave, convert or die.” They are systematically beheading children. It is a part of an unprecedented, recent effort by the ISIS to extinguish Christians from northern Iraq. In 2003, there were about 1.5 million Christians in Iraq. After the Iraq War, that number dropped to as low as 200,000.

ISIS captured Mosul in June, so Christians there fled to Qaraqosh, population 50,000. ISIS warned Christians in Mosul to leave by July 19th. The houses of Christians in Mosul were painted with the letter “N,” meaning Nasare, the Muslim word for Christians, which comes from Nazareth, Jesus’s hometown. Their property was confiscated, including jewelry and wedding rings – sometimes chopping off their fingers to get them. Their churches were bombed, which has been caught on video. Catholic Online has compiled some of the more graphic photos of the barbaric, torturous executions. Many Christians were crucified due to the humiliation of Christ’s crucifixion. There are reportedly no Christians left in Mosul.

Liberals in America have already made it clear they want to ‘purge’ Christians.  Is it such a stretch to believe that people who find it morally acceptable and even preferable to rip babies bodies apart in the womb, even beheading them, would one day find it morally acceptable and even preferable to do the same to Christians, who they see as evil?  I think not.

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3 comments to Liberals and ISIS: Two Peas In A Pod

  • A very disturbing comparison that may much truer than many of would like to believe.

    I read the article you linked to from The Blaze and while I was unaware of it previously, I am not surprised. A great number of Americans, who claim to be tolerant, want nothing more than to remove Christianity and Christians from the public view. There is something about the name of Jesus Christ that riles them up, to the point of being completely intolerant of anything remotely considered to be Christian.

  • With liberals, tolerance only goes one way. We are to be tolerant of their views but ours are to be silenced.

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