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The Liberal Hatred for America

liberalshateLiberals hate America.  There’s no denying it.  When people do their best to completely destroy something it is not because they love it; it’s because of hatred.  And liberals are doing everything within their power (and seizing new powers) to destroy America.  Yes, of course they will angrily disagree and claim they only want to make America more ‘fair’ or more ‘global.’  Nonsense.  The America they want is not the America the Founders envisioned and certainly not the America created by the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

I have asked some of my liberal friends on more than one occasion to name the part of the Constitution that gives the government the authority to take money from me and give it to other people.  None have ever been able to answer.  While taxation is a necessary thing, to a certain degree (and I would argue the income tax is not needed), seizing part of someone’s salary and handing it over to others is blatant, legalized theft. And liberals love taxes.  Their solution for all of society’s problems is to raise taxes and spend more money.  Government is the solution for everything and if we’d just raise taxes high enough on the rich we can have enough money to fix everything and have a utopian society.  The liberals in our government know that isn’t true, but that’s what they sell to the leeches of our society in order to get their votes.

Liberals think government should provide things like health care for free.  By ‘free’ they mean, of course, tax the rich and make them pay for it.  That’s what all the leftist lemmings thought was going to happen with Obamacare.  Some of them even still haven’t realized or admitted to themselves that they were blatantly lied to about the whole thing.  As P.J. O’Rourke said, “If you think health care is expensive now, wait until you see what it costs when it’s free.”  What none of these people either realize or care about is that government can provide absolutely nothing for ‘free’ without taking it from someone else.  Theft.  Our country is being destroyed by leeches who have no compunction at all about living off the work of others.  Your work.  My work.  It used to be in this country that a man got a day’s wages for a day’s work.  Now a man gets half a day’s wages for a day’s work.  And in some heavily taxed places like New York, less than half.  The rest is confiscated by the government, with the overwhelming majority of it being given to the leeches.

But taxing and giving away stolen money isn’t the only way liberals are destroying America.  Liberals have destroyed the education system in America.  The United States used to have one of the leading education systems in the world.  As of last year America was ranked 17th.  Multiculturalism, progressivism and political correctness are the priorities in public schools, with the goal being to produce more lemmings.  Lemmings who don’t mind how much government controls their lives as long as their EBT card gets refilled every month.  As long as the government pays the phone bill.  The rent.  The medical expenses.  Lemmings who don’t mind a government that has so much control that the amount of water your toilet can flush is dictated by federal law.  A government that has so much control that a tiny spider can bring an instant halt to a billion dollar state highway project.  A government that has seized so much power that it dictates to local communities when and where to put in a sidewalk.  A government powerful enough to declare local and state laws to be invalid, simply because one person in a federal robe says so.

This is not the America our Founders created.

Our country has become this way because liberals want government to control our lives.  Government knows best!  They maintain their power by buying off the leeches, who continue to vote for them as long as the funds come in on the EBT card.  It’s blatant bribery and the rest of us are paying for it under the threat of jail if we don’t.  Tell me, any liberal reading this, is this the America our Founders wanted?  Of course it isn’t.  The America they created is long gone and with every year that goes by it becomes more unlikely that we can ever get it back.  The liberals in our government will not allow that.  The leeches who vote for them will not allow that.  Because all of them, the liberals and their leeches, hate America.  The America of the Founders will not allow the liberals to control our lives.  The America of the Founders will not allow the leeches to be handed our hard-earned money by a smiling liberal politician who winks as he says he’s up for reelection.  The America of the Founders will not allow veterans to be treated as they were by the Obama administration during the shutdown.  The America of the Founders will not allow businesses to be taxed and regulated out of business by the government.  The America of the Founders will not allow a bureaucrat in Washington, D.C. to decide what gets taught at the local elementary school. The America of the Founders will not allow the Ten Commandments to be declared unconstitutional.  The America of the Founders will not allow the murders of more than 56 million to be celebrated as the ‘right to choose.’

All these things and more that liberals love to do would never have been allowed under our Founding Fathers.  It was a completely different America when people took responsibility for their own lives, government left people alone, parents had complete control over their children’s education and the free market was allowed to control which businesses prospered and which did not. That is the America of the Founders and that is why liberals hate it.  Liberalism has destroyed the Founders’ America, but the liberals and their leeches don’t care.  You will never convince me that the liberals in our government don’t know what their policies are doing to America.  They know they are destroying it.  That’s their goal.  If liberals truly loved America they would never do all that they have done.  But, they do it and seek to do more because they hate America.  They can wave a flag and act patriotic all they want (except for Obama, whose contempt for our flag is no secret), but when the rhetoric is silenced and the policies are enacted, it’s unmistakable to me that liberals flat-out hate America.  With all the destruction they have caused, I fail to see how anyone can deny it. 

2 comments to The Liberal Hatred for America

  • First of all, I am glad to see you writing again. It was a welcome sight to see the new post in my email inbox this morning.

    Liberals certainly do have a strong dislike or hatred for the America envisioned by the Founding Fathers. This hatred has been bearing fruit for many years and seems to be getting worse, year by year.

    How can we combat such a rushing tide of liberalism?

    • A vacation to South Dakota earlier this month (Mount Rushmore on the afternoon of October 1st, looked great as I drove by it and had to keep moving) kept me away from writing and it was just hard to dive back in. There are times I can understand the desire for a lot of people who just don’t want to know what’s going on anymore because it is so distressing. But, I cannot stay silent anymore.

      As for combating the rushing tide of liberalism, the pessimist in me says it can’t be done. The liberals are using our own money against us to destroy our country, but as long as they get power from it they’re fine with that.

      There’s a paragraph from Origins of the Fourth World War by J.R. Nyquist that I think applies here:
      “Modern conservatism is an anarchy of ideas and poses stemming from our nostalgia for what is gone. The conservative, superficially, is a worshipper of old ruts. But underneath he is modern, he is liberal; employing liberal means which are but homage to the liberal end. Our conservatives no longer have anything to conserve. Conservatism, therefore, as it fails to regenerate dead tissue, has become the work of political undertakers whose job it is to make the corpse appear better than it did in life. But despite all this cosmetology, the corpse grows riper and riper. We hear the cries for more and more perfume: for drug czars, education reforms, commission on corruption, pornography, and crime. In the final analysis, the valiant campaign against decomposition becomes increasingly shrill as the body politic continues to deteriorate.”

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