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Legitimizing Perversion: Another Nail in the State Sovereignty Coffin

judgeWith this week’s action, or rather the inaction, of the Supreme Court, homosexual marriage is now legal in Wisconsin, Utah, Indiana, Virginia and Oklahoma.  By refusing to hear cases from these states the Justices have allowed lower court rulings overturning bans on homosexual marriage to stand.

After the Supreme Court’s inaction on Monday there were thirty states recognizing homosexual marriages. Yesterday, a ruling from the 9th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals added five more states to the list, and a pending decision in the 6th Circuit could get the number up to 39. Of these 39 states, only six have chosen through the democratic process to recognize homosexual marriages. All the rest have had it forced upon them by leftists in black robes.

With each judicial ruling that legitimizes gay marriage, these judges are telling state populations and legislatures that have passed ballot measures, laws and amendments that their democratic process doesn’t matter and their sovereignty as a state is irrelevant.

Here in Oklahoma we passed State Question 711 on November 2, 2004 by a vote of 1,075,216 to 347,303 (76% to 24%). The text of this amendment to the Oklahoma Constitution defined marriages as the union of one man and one woman. Earlier this year Judge Terence Kern of the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Oklahoma declared the Question to be unconstitutional. Kern was appointed to the federal bench by Bill Clinton. One man in a robe overruled 76% of Oklahoma voters. And with the Supreme Courts inaction we now have legalized gay marriage in Oklahoma.

I have predicted many times on my site that homosexual marriage would one day be legal in all fifty states. Though we are not quite there yet it is happening faster than I expected. With every state that is forced by a judge to accept homosexual marriage against the will of the people, our nation plunges even deeper into the bottomless abyss of immorality.  And while I am very aware that there are some churches endorsing homosexual marriage, that does not mean that God is pleased.  Has the Church been wrong about gay marriage for the last two thousand years?  Hardly.  Churches that endorse homosexual marriage or even perform same-sex weddings do so because they have modified their theology to mirror societal changes in defining what is moral and immoral.  Churches that change their doctrine to match society’s views are no longer churches, but social gatherings of people who are fooling themselves.

Although there are still cases pending at the Circuit level I have no confidence that the Supreme Court will restore state sovereignty with regard to defining marriage. What the Court will be giving us, by in action or by inaction, is legalized sexual debauchery. And make no mistake, this is just the first perversion to be judicially legitimized. What’s next?

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