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Legalizing Polygamy and Pedophilia

NOM-CartoonNow that the Supreme Court has created the constitutional right to homosexual marriage it seems prudent to offer an examination to related social issues in order to determine which perversities will be next on the left’s agenda to be normalized.  One need not look very hard for the answer.

Polygamy is an obvious choice.  Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts noted in his dissenting opinion in the Obergefell decision that the majority of the Court seemingly opened the door for polygamy in their maneuvers to legalize that which had no constitutional basis.  The majority’s opinion which legalized homosexual marriage could easily be construed as also requiring the legalization of polygamy. 

“Although the majority randomly inserts the adjective “two” in various places, it offers no reason at all why the two-person element of the core definition of marriage may be preserved while the man-woman element may not.  Indeed, from the standpoint of history and tradition, a leap from opposite-sex marriage to same-sex marriage is much greater than one from a two-person union to plural unions, which have deep roots in some cultures around the world.  If the majority is willing to take the big leap, it is hard to see how it can say no to the shorter one.  It is striking how much of the majority’s reasoning would apply with equal force to the claim of a fundamental right to plural marriage.”

“When asked about a plural marital union at oral arguments, petitioners asserted that a State “doesn’t have such an institution.”  But that is exactly the point: the States at issue here do not have an institution of same-sex marriage, either.”

Should someone wish to challenge the laws against polygamy I don’t see how they would not be able to prevail, given the Court’s ruling in Obergefell and the decision written by the majority.  But, as the majority seems to interpret the law based on their own leftist proclivities instead of the Constitution, anything is possible now.  In 2012, the Court declared the federal Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional because they claimed it was not the jurisdiction of the Federal government to dictate what is and isn’t marriage.  And now the Court has declared all state bans on homosexual marriage unconstitutional, because the Federal government has the jurisdiction to decide what is and isn’t marriage.

pedophile1Another perversity being mentioned of late in the same sentence as the word ‘legalize’ is pedophilia.  Yes, child molesting.  For several years now I have been reading of leftist psychiatrists who claim that pedophilia is not a choice or a perversion, but a lifelong sexual orientation.  And as such, they claim pedophilia should be a protected class of people the same as homosexuals.  Ridiculous, you say?  Oh, ye of short memory.  It was just eleven years ago that Massachusetts became the first state to legalize gay marriage.  In the years leading up to that it would never have occurred to anyone that we’d be where we are today because of the Obergefell decision.  So don’t tell me that legalizing pedophilia will never happen.

In 1973, the American Psychiatric Association declassified homosexuality from its list of mental disorders.  Now the APA is proposing to redefine pedophilia.  In 1998 the APA issued a report that claimed the “negative potential of adult sex with children was ‘overstated’ and that the ‘vast majority of both men and women reported no negative sexual effects from childhood sexual abuse experiences.”

Milton Diamond, a University of Hawaii professor and director of the Pacific Center for Sex and Society has said that child pornography could be very useful to society because pedophiles “use child pornography as a substitute for sex against children.”  Apparently, it completely escapes him that child pornography can’t be produced without sexually abusing children.

It should not come as surprising when morally bankrupt people demand the right to have their perversions legalized.  When leftist judges rubber stamp the depravity, of course the licentious people will come back time and time again seeking to have more perversity legalized.  That pedophilia has even been mentioned as a protected ‘orientation’ is an indication of just how far down the rabbit hole we’ve come as a society.  The Obergefell decision may have legalized homosexual marriage, but there’s a lot of perversity left to legalize and it is a certainty that there are some sick people out there working to do just that.  No doubt the child molesters will have little trouble finding leftist judges who will create their constitutional rights out of thin air, just like the majority did in Obergefell.

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