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Israel Has 10 Questions About the Iran Nuclear Deal

Iran-nuclear-deal-cartoonThe Times of Israel is reporting that Israeli Strategic Affairs Minister Yuval Steinitz has distributed a document listing ten questions that were said to highlight “the extent of the irresponsible concessions given to Iran” and to make it clear just how ineffective this deal will be.  After reading the questions I have to wonder just what exactly was it that the U.S. negotiating team led by Secretary of State John Kerry got the Iranians to give up.  It appears the Iranians area getting everything they could possible want. 

1. Why are sanctions that took years to put in place being removed immediately (as the Iranians claim)? This would take away the international community’s primary leverage at the outset of the agreement and make Iranian compliance less likely.

2. Given Iran’s track record of concealing illicit nuclear activities, why does the framework not explicitly require Iran to accept inspections of all installations where suspected nuclear weapons development has been conducted? Why can’t inspectors conduct inspections anywhere, anytime?

3. Will Iran ever be forced to come clean about its past nuclear weaponization activity?

4. What will be the fate of Iran’s stockpile of enriched uranium?

5. Why will Iran be allowed to continue R&D on centrifuges far more advanced than those currently in its possession?

6. Why does the framework not address Iran’s intercontinental ballistic missile program, whose sole purpose is to carry nuclear payloads?

7. Following Iranian violations of the framework, how effective will be the mechanism to reinstitute sanctions?

8. What message does the framework send to states in the region and around the world when it gives such far-reaching concessions to a regime that for years has defied UNSC resolutions? Why would this not encourage nuclear proliferation?

9. The framework agreement appears to have much in common with the nuclear agreement reached with North Korea. How will this deal differ from the North Korean case?

10. Why is the lifting of restrictions on Iran’s nuclear program in about a decade not linked to a change in Iran’s behavior? According to the framework, Iran could remain the world’s foremost sponsor of terror and still have all the restrictions removed. Instead, the removal of those restrictions should be linked to a cessation of Iran’s aggression in the Middle East, its terrorism around the world and its threats to annihilate Israel.

We all know what’s really going on here.  The Obama administration wants Iran to get nuclear weapons, but they have to pretend as if they don’t.  This sham deal with a terrorist nation will do nothing but “pave the road to the bomb” for Iran, as Prime Minister Netanyahu put it, and it will be with the approval and blessings of the United States and many other nations in the international community. 

There are two countries that Iran has threatened to completely destroy – the United States and Israel.  Why oh why would the United States broker a deal with Iran that as good as gives them the bomb?  Why don’t we just ship some of ours over? 

What this horrific deal will lead to has not received much attention as of yet, but it likely will in the near future.  Israel’s continued existence is in danger once Iran has the bomb.  The Iranians have already made it clear they want to wipe Israel off the map.  If there is any chance at all that Iran is getting close to achieving the means with which to accomplish that goal, Israel will have no choice but to take defensive action militarily in order to safeguard their country.  And what will the result of that be?  Open warfare in the Middle East? 

This deal with Iran has the great potential to be the catalyst for extensive military conflict in the Middle East.  And all because Obama wants Iran to have nuclear capabilities.  Is a protracted war what he is really wanting?  It must be, because the capitulation I’m seeing with this deal cannot lead anywhere else if Israel is going to survive and do what is necessary to insure their continued survival. 

If Obama had set out to subject Israel to great peril, it would be hard for him to have done a better job.  Well done, Mr. President.  You’ve exposed our greatest ally in the Middle East to terrorists on the verge of becoming nuclear.  You’re just assuming that when Iran eventually uses a nuke that it will be on Israel and not on us.  But to be honest, that’s what you’re secretly hoping for, isn’t it.

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