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Independent Voter Registration Skyrockets

voterNewly registered voters in Oklahoma have been largely registering as independents.  Since the state Election Board purged 145,294 inactive voters earlier this year there have been 4,582 new registrations as independents.  Republicans have added 1,544 voters but the Democrats have lost 3,306 voters.

The differing opinions on the reasons for the change are interesting to note.  Dave Weston, Oklahoma State Republican Party chairman said the increase in independent registrations reflects Democrats who feel disenfranchised.  Wallace Collins, Oklahoma Democrat Party chairman said he wasn’t certain about the reason for the registration trends.  Mr. Collins doesn’t seem to be able to achieve any success for the Democrats in Oklahoma.  Even though the Democrats have a 887,724 to 850,854 lead over registered Republican voters the Republicans hold every statewide elected office, a huge majority in both houses of the state legislature and every seat in Oklahoma’s Congressional delegation.  Well done, Mr. Collins!

But back to the independents.  Since the year 2000 independent voter registration in Oklahoma has increased by almost 34 percent.  Republican registration has increased by almost 16 percent but Democrat registration has fallen by 25 percent.  In a state that has only in the last decade escaped almost complete Democratic rule, that is a drastic change.  I attribute the change to be largely due to the socialistic policies of the Democrat Party on the national level.  Local and state parties are suffering for what Barack Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi have done to our nation.  With that in mind it’s not hard to figure out why so many people are registering as independents these days.  While the Democrats have run fast and hard to the left and advocate socialism, the Republicans on the national level seem to be chasing after them, yelling “Wait for me!”  Compromise is the order of the day and the Republican leadership has ignored the desires of party members, sat down at the table with the enemy and worked on deals to implement the enemy’s plans. 

It’s no surprise to me at all that registrations are skewing independent.  When both parties have essentially abandoned the will of the people and, at times, show very little difference between the two of them, where is a voter to go?  Yes, yes, the Libertarians reading this are probably screaming at this point.  Sorry, Libertarians, but your candidates aren’t exactly seeking the will of the people either.  If they were you wouldn’t be considered a third party.  The way I see it registering as an independent is a form of protest against the current political choices.  There are times I read about the Republican leadership selling us out and I can completely understand wanting to disassociate with the party.  I don’t agree with doing so, but that is for another post.

As long as the Democrats maintain their push toward national socialism and the Republicans head the same direction, just at a slower pace, I look for the number of independents to continue the increase and not just here in Oklahoma.  I’m not so naïve as to think all the independents are disenfranchised conservatives, but I do think most of them would support true conservative candidates.  If only we had more than the handful we do. 



3 comments to Independent Voter Registration Skyrockets

  • I believe you are right on the money with your analysis. A great number of people are absolutely sick of the goings on in our government. Both parties are guilty in exactly the way you point out. The liberal Democrats are headed for the left as fast as they can trot and the Republican leadership, supposedly conservative in nature, is behind them all the way, pushing them forward. Until that changes, we can expect to see more voters registering and identifying themselves as Independent.

    As a side note, the Republican Party can not expect to continue down this same path without suffering the consequences.

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