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If Liberals Had Total Control

Yesterday, I happened to overhear two coworkers discussing how much better off we’d be if conservatives would just disappear. I’m sure that would be a dream come true for them as liberals have always seen conservatism as a roadblock to utopia. With unfettered liberalism, our society would quickly become unrecognizable. It got me thinking just what they would do if liberals had no one opposing them. It’s a horrifying scenario.

  • Guns would be confiscated and destroyed. Not even the police would be allowed to have weapons. The only people left with weapons would be the criminals. And the jihadis.
  • Abortion on demand, anytime, for any age, with no restrictions and one hundred percent taxpayer-funded.
  • Minimum wage will be at least fifteen dollars an hour. All employers are now required to provide paid sick leave, vacation, family leave, and healthcare. Consequently, your burger will now cost you $24.99. Plus tax, of course.
  • Government installations will be constructed along the border to process anyone who wants to come into our country. Not for criminal background checks or anything similar, but to get them on welfare, food stamps and other benefits and also registered to vote. Government-funded transportation will then take them to their government-funded housing.
  • Electrical power will be at a premium due to liberal energy policies. Coal plants are shut down. Nuclear plants are shut down. Heating oil is outrageously expensive due to carbon emission taxes on oil.
  • Restrictions on driving due to climate change. Carbon emission taxes will be charged per mile driven. Don’t laugh; taxing per mile has already been proposed in Oregon.
  • Churches that do not support, endorse, and actively promote homosexual marriage will be bulldozed.
  • The Bible crosses, religious monuments, and all other items having the slightest connection to Christianity will be banned from public view.
  • No more death penalty. Murderers and other violent criminals will be housed in hotel-like accommodations and given therapy to make them feel better about themselves after an oppressive society forced them into their unlawful ways.
  • Conservatives are banned from radio, television, and the internet.
  • All drugs are now legal and readily available for anyone to use at any age.
  • No more standards for broadcast television. Rampant profanity and nudity on all programs.
  • Pedophilia is now legal and mainstreamed.
  • Schools no longer focus on antiquated subjects such as reading, writing, and math. Instead, the focus will be on self-esteem as graduates head to their fifteen dollar an hour fast-food job.
  • Taxes will be so high that Wall Street bankers take fast-food jobs to make ends meet.
  • Police officers are not allowed to stop, interfere with, question, or even make eye contact with black people.
  • Reparations will be paid to all black people to make up for slavery, which ended one hundred and fifty years ago.

I’m sure many more such examples could be added to demonstrate just how bad things could become, were it not for conservatives acting as a dam to liberalism. Lately, it seems that even a large number of Republicans are liberal and either want the same liberal policies as the Democrats or just refuse to oppose them. Fortunately, there are still some conservatives around who are willing to oppose liberalism, but they are getting to be few and far between.

If the day comes when the handful of true conservatives are gone, unrestricted liberalism will do to our country what the Democrats have done to formerly great cities such as Detroit. 

Update 12/4/2015: Just a few hours after I posted this I came across an article on detailing a debate in Vermont on imposing a $500 million carbon tax on gasoline, heating oil, propane, and other fossil fuels to address global warming.

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