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Hoping President Trump Proves Me Wrong

All throughout the primaries and the campaign, I was never on the Trump train. I have never believed that Donald Trump was a decent man, a true conservative or that he was the right choice to lead our nation. I have written before about why I did not support him and his candidacy, so I will not rehash all that. At this point, it is time to let it go. Donald Trump will be the 45th president of the United States.

New presidential administrations always bring change and if Donald Trump fulfills his promises I have to believe this will be a change for the better. Obama’s socialist agenda and dictatorial decisions did much damage, but America has always been resilient when recovering from disastrous leaders who damaged our nation.

I have concerns about Donald Trump, that he is not a true conservative. During the campaign, he took conservative positions on many issues and made promises that were very appealing to those on the right, but his pre-campaign statements and activities do not have a conservative slant. This was one of the reasons I was unwilling to support him. But at this point, there is everything to be gained by giving him a chance, praying he will seek wisdom and guidance in his decisions, and hoping that his conservative transition wasn’t just window dressing to get votes.

I believe within days or weeks after his inauguration we will begin to see the direction his administration will take. Who he selects for cabinet posts and advisors will say a lot. When the time comes for him to make his nomination to fill the vacancy on the Supreme Court, that will be the one moment most people are looking toward to find out if he’s the real deal or if everyone who voted for him was a monumental sucker.

With the Republicans in control of Congress, there is no reason that a conservative agenda can’t be achieved. Repeal Obamacare. Nominate conservative judges. Secure the border. Repair our military. Clean up the Justice Department. Tell Iran the deal is off. Defund Planned Parenthood. All these things and many others are achievable if the Republicans are serious about changing the direction of our government. I’m not convinced they are.

If President Trump attempts to make good on his campaign promises I have no doubt it will be an uphill battle on some or even most of them. You can be sure the Democrats, the media, and even some Republicans will do everything they can to obstruct him.

For Republicans to have the success that conservatives want, Trump’s political transformation has to be genuine. Time will tell if it is or not and those of us who did not support him should give him the opportunity to prove us wrong. For the sake of our country, I sincerely hope I was wrong about him. I so want to be wrong.

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