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Hollywood Garbage: Non-Stop

?????????????????????Hollywood turns out garbage.  It used to be that movies were made that had good stories, were family friendly and didn’t need a rating system because they were all relatively clean.  Now it seems movie studios compete to see who can make a movie with the most profanity, the most nudity or the most violence.  Gone are the days when motion pictures told great stories and made going to the theater an event.  It used to be, around seventy-five years ago, that people would dress for the occasion.  Women would put on one of their best dresses and men would wear a coat and tie.  These days, it’s getting harder all the time to find people who will even dress that way when they go to church.  But, I digress.  Also gone are the days when the movie stars simply made their movies and didn’t jump on social media or the latest popular talk shows to bash conservatives or those who disagree with whatever is currently their pet leftist cause.  And now, also gone are the days when Hollywood promoted America and made movies that didn’t disparage our country, our military or our patriotism.  I thought it couldn’t get any worse, and then I read about Liam Neeson’s latest movie, Non-Stop.

The plot sounds simple to follow.  Neeson is an air marshal on a transatlantic flight.  During the flight he receives a text message saying that one person on the flight will die every twenty minutes unless the airline wires $150 million into a specified account.  As the movie goes on and he attempts to find out who is behind this, people start to die.  It turns out that the bad guy isn’t really after the money; he wants to kill everyone on board to further a political goal.  The terrorist in this movie is a 9-11 family member who lost a loved one in the World Trade Center.  You read that right – the terrorist in this movie is a 9-11 family member.  Further, this 9-11 family member joined the military but became disillusioned with the pointless wars.  He is upset that the United States hasn’t done enough to make sure there will be no more attacks like 9-11.  Killing everyone on this flight is his way of making the country start taking airline security more seriously.  And the person helping this 9-11 family member in his attempt to kill all these people?  A member of the American military, who is willing to kill all these people for money.

I knew before reading about this piece of trash that Hollywood is controlled by leftist anti-patriots who wouldn’t hesitate to make movies maligning anything American if it made them a buck.  Non-Stop made $30 million on its opening weekend.  Apparently, there are a lot of people who have no problem paying money to watch a movie making a terrorist out of a 9-11 family member.  Perhaps they didn’t know the details of the movie before they went.  Shame on them if they knew and went anyway.  And now that you know, shame on you if you spend money watching this filth.

2 comments to Hollywood Garbage: Non-Stop

  • Well, I don’t go to the movies, but this does sound like a movie I might have to go see. Not!!

    Seriously, why would anyone want to go see something like this that seems to do its best to portray the American military and a normal American who lost a family member on 9-11 as terrorists? Are they wanting to convince Americans that is a possible scenario? Do they want to take the attention away from the groups of people who are actually trying to carry out attacks on our people? I wonder what their goals really are?

    • Strange that you mention taking attention away from the groups of people who are actually trying to carry out attacks on our people. I didn’t mention in my post something else that I read. The one person on the plan who is supposedly never suspected of being the terrorist is a muslim in traditional garb who is said to be portrayed as a kind and gentle man. But a 9-11 family member and an American military member are terrorists… No one better try to tell me that Hollywood doesn’t have an agenda.

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