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Hollywood and Obamacare Propaganda

obama hollywoodI do not watch much television and almost no network television.  Among the many reasons are the themes and quality of the shows that are broadcast these days.  The immorality, homosexual glorification, nudity and language have intensified in recent years.  I believe we are fast approaching the day when the licentiousness of society will cause the Standards and Practices departments for networks to allow virtually anything to be broadcast.

And now another reason to not watch network television is looming.  Abby Goodnough of the New York Times has a piece on the California Benefits Exchange in which some of their propaganda plans are mentioned.  The California Benefits Exchange is the exchange set up by the California state government to implement Obamacare.

The board of directors of the exchange sees their mission as an example for the nation, believing a successful rollout in California could convince other states with high numbers of uninsured residents that Obamacare can work for them.  Toward that end, plans are being made to use Hollywood and network television shows as propaganda tools for the exchange and Obamacare.

A reality show about “the trials and tribulations of families living without medical coverage” is being planned.  Naturally, such a show would be designed to be a weekly tearjerker and would probably paint the right wing as evil people who want those without health coverage to die.  The exchange also wants to have network television shows like “Modern Family”, “Grey’s Anatomy”, “The Biggest Loser” and others to include plots dealing with Obamacare.  “I’d like to see 10 of the major TV shows, or telenovelas, have people talking about ‘that health insurance thing,’ ” said Peter V. Lee, the exchange’s executive director. “There are good story lines here.”
If the Left really wants to convince people Obamacare is a great thing, their first step should be to stop giving Congress, unions and other leftist organizations an exemption from the law.  If the law isn’t good enough for them, no television show would ever convince me it’s good enough for me.  If I watched it.  Which I won’t.

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