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Heating Hospitals by Burning Aborted Babies

babyI have been reading in the news for the past couple of days about hospitals in Great Britain that were found to have incinerated the bodies of thousands of aborted babies as clinical waste, with some being used to heat hospitals.  The remains of at least 15,500 were incinerated by twenty-seven National Health Services locations over the last two years.  There has been outrage from some British health officials, but some only seem concerned that proper notifications weren’t made.  “I am disappointed [NHS] trusts may not be informing or consulting women and their families,” said Prof Sir Mike Richards, Chief Inspector of Hospitals.  He seems to be saying that heating hospitals by burning aborted babies is just fine, as long as women and their families are notified and give consent. 

What these hospitals have done should come as no surprise to anyone.  When society decrees that babies are mere tissue to be removed and disposed of whenever desired, why should it be surprising that the remains are not treated with the respect and dignity never received before being aborted?

After reading about this I began to wonder what happens to the remains of aborted babies here in the United States.  What I found during my search sickened me.  Here are just a few examples.  And be warned, if you click on any of the links you will see some of the most horrific photos imaginable. 

  • In 1999, abortionist Joseph Booker, Jr. kept bags of aborted babies in a storage unit as souvenirs.  Thee dozen bags of remains were later moved to a shallow grave where they were discovered.
  • In Wichita, KS, 1983, aborted babies are burned as garbage along with dead dogs, cats and birds thrown out by the local Humane Society office. 
  • In Aurora, CO, 1992, Dr. Curtis Stover wrote an affidavit about witnessing another abortion doctor use a meat grinder to grind up aborted babies and wash them down a sink.
  • In Lansing, MI, 2010, an abortion clinic disposed of aborted babies in the trash dumpster along with bio-hazardous waste.
  • In Los Angeles, CA, 1997, two boys found boxes of aborted babies dumped in a field.
  • In Oklahoma City, OK, 1992, Dr. Nareshkumar Patel admitted dumping the remains of over sixty aborted babies in a field. 

I saw many, many more such stories but it was truly making me nauseous to read it all and see the photos of remains.  I cannot comprehend the dark, evil soul of a person who would perform an abortion.  Planned Parenthood’s reaction to one of these stories was to say, “This is not about abortion.  This is about the inappropriate disposal of medical tissue.”  Some brave reporter needs to hit up pro-abortion people like Wendy Davis in Texas and ask her thoughts on the disposal methods for aborted babies.

In her book Why I Am An Abortion Doctor, Dr. Susan Poppema wrote about the disposal problem at her abortion clinic. 

“Realistically, the best and safest way medically to dispose of tissue from the uterus is to put it directly into the general sewage system. Waste of every kind, after all, eventually winds up being disposed of in one manner or another, and short of sacred burial rites it is safe to say that disposal of organic matter (which uterine tissue is) is generally a fairly straightforward proposition. The matter leftover from surgery is all natural tissue and blood. Could it be infected? Yes. 

So the disposal of human tissue differs not at all from the disposal of any other material. But the obvious problem is presented when considering that the larger pieces of tissue can block disposal pipes.

…The plumber we asked to come and install a disposal system on our premises…went into the room and went to work. But before the work was finished, my colleagues and I found the poor man on the floor literally sobbing at the thought of a disposal system at an abortion clinic.

…he [the plumber] might have taken the trouble to ask us….We could then have said to him: “Here, this is a bowl of tissue that has resulted from an abortion operation. It’s tissue not unlike the stuff leftover from any operation. It contains organic material that once was living but now is not living. It was tissue contained in a woman who made a conscious decision that she no longer wanted this tissue in her body. You can feel free to regard this tissue any way you choose. But the fact remains that you have no claim to the tissue, and neither does anybody else in the world except the one woman who was pregnant but who chose not to be pregnant anymore.

One nurse was quoted in the book Whose Life: A Balanced, Comprehensive View of Abortion from it’s Historical Content to the Current Debate by Catherine Whitney.  Nurse Nan Patton Harrison discussed how she would be asked to baptize the aborted babies for women having abortions.  She said, “Perhaps it was because of my empathy that they always asked me to do the baptism.  It is difficult to do.  After I baptize the fetus, I flushed it down the hopper.”

I had to read that more than once to let it all sink in.  Baptizing ‘medical tissue’ is difficult to do, but doing the abortion and flushing the remains isn’t?  Truly a woman with a dark soul. 

I came across the information I have shared here and much more in just a few minutes.  No doubt there are countless other examples of the disgusting treatment given to the remains of aborted babies here in the United States.   In a society that declares it perfectly acceptable for women to kill their babies, some just moments away from birth, it should not be the least bit shocking that the remains of these babies are treated in this fashion.  The evil people who perform abortions are the vilest on Earth and I would not expect them to treat a baby’s remains with dignity after murdering it. 

My, what a society we have become.  I cannot help but think of a quote from Thomas Jefferson at this moment.  He said, “I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just; that his justice cannot sleep forever.”

2 comments to Heating Hospitals by Burning Aborted Babies

  • Absolutely vile and disgusting as anything I have read before. The callousness with which unborn babies are treated makes me wonder just how long God can hold back from giving the people who engage in abortion their due recompense of reward.

    • Most people in America don’t even want to consider the fact that we have such vile people here who commit acts that sound like genocides the media tells us about that goes on in other countries. We have our own form of genocide going on here.

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