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Health Care Is Not a Right

Liberals are determined to make health care a right. It isn’t a right, but since when did truth stop liberals from squawking on and on about what they want. By calling health care a right, what they’re really saying is that the government should pay for it for everyone There’s a word for that – socialism. But that’s the Democratic Party today, socialists one and all.

While there can be no argument that health care is a necessity, that does not make it a right. Food, shelter, and clothing are all necessities but that doesn’t mean the government should provide everyone with them.

Ask a liberal to find health care in the Bill of Rights. Pack a lunch because you’re going to be there a while. Most liberals probably have no clue what is in the Bill of Rights. The Declaration of Independence says that we have the inalienable right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Having those rights does not mean the government or our fellow citizens are required to provide us with the means to live our lives, enjoy our liberty, or pursue happiness. With rights come responsibilities and it is incumbent on us to be responsible for ourselves and not expect others to provide for us.

If you have a right to something, that means it must be provided to you at no cost and without you having to work for it. I have health insurance through my employer but if I decided to stop showing up for work I would not have the health insurance for very long. If I have a right to health care, why must I keep my job to get it? Having something provided to you, at no cost to you and without you having to lift a finger, requires that the government must first take from someone else before it can be given to you. Does that mean you have a right to the labor of someone providing you medical care? Are doctors and nurses slaves?

Having something provided to you because you claim you have a ‘right’ to it is nothing more than an immoral rejection of your own responsibilities to provide for yourself and your dependents. But that is one of the fundamentals of socialism – immorality. With socialism, the government takes from others and provides to you. Those who support such a system support the immorality of stealing from one to give to another who did not work for it.

So what about other necessities that aren’t mentioned in the Bill of Rights or Declaration of Independence? What about housing, transportation, entertainment, food, and education? Do people have a right to those as well? I’m sure
the liberals would say yes. And remember, nothing can be given to you at no cost or labor that was not first taken from someone else.

No, there is no right to housing, transportation, entertainment, food, or education. And there is no right to health care. Demanding that health care be a right is to demand that thievery be government policy. In many aspects, it already is but let’s not add health care to the theft that taxpayers are having to pay for.

Free health care for all is immoral, but that fits since socialism is immoral at its core. Every time you see tweets like the ones below, remember that those promoting health care as a right are really promoting socialism and immorality. I’m sure they wouldn’t agree, but freedom of speech is one of the rights they do have. And take note that their free speech costs you and me absolutely nothing.

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