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Harvard Study: July 4th Parades Make Kids Republican

patriotic-kidsTime Magazine has an article about a Harvard Study that claims to show that “when children were exposed at a young age to the Americana fanfare associated with the Fourth of July, they were more likely to vote Republican and make campaign contributions to the party.”

From the Abstract of the study:

“We find that days without rain on Fourth of July in childhood have lifelong effects. In particular, they shift adult views and behavior in favor of the Republicans and increase later-life political participation. Our estimates are significant: one Fourth of July without rain before age 18 raises the likelihood of identifying as a Republican by 2 percent and voting for the Republican candidate by 4 percent. It also increases voter turnout by 0.9 percent and boosts political campaign contributions by 3 percent.”

Reading between the lines, the study is also saying that Democrats are less patriotic and do not like Americana fanfare or the Fourth of July as much as Republicans.

One might also wonder what types of things children can be exposed to at a young age that would make them more likely to vote Democrat.  A few ideas….

Abortion rights protests
Illegal immigration law protests
Sean Penn movies
Hardball with Chris Mathews
Gay pride events
Anything in San Francisco
Anti Israel protests
Dixie Chicks concert

But, as I post this, today is the Fourth of July.  Democrats, you better keep your kids in the house today, if you don’t want them to grow up to be Republicans.

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