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Free Speech: Except About Muslims

speechI’ve seen occasional articles over the last few years about people being arrested in Great Britain for comments made on Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites that are critical of Muslims.  The public murder of a British soldier by Muslims last month set off another wave of criticisms, resulting in more arrests.  I read about three men who were all arrested, one being charged with “malicious communications” and the other two being charged with “inciting racial or religious hatred” under the Public Order Act.

A police statement about the arrests said, “These comments were directed against a section of our community.  Comments such as these are completely unacceptable and only cause more harm to our community.  People should stop and think about what they say on social media before making statements as the consequences could be serious.”

I didn’t used to think much of all this, attributing it to draconian law in Great Britain that stifles freedom of speech.  Surely, this sort of thing could never happen in the United States.

Think again.

Judicial Watch has reported that the Obama Justice Department has warned against using social media to spread information considered inflammatory against Muslims, saying that it could constitute a violation of civil rights.

So much for free speech.

At an event in Tennessee earlier this month called “Public Disclosure in a Diverse Society” the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Tennessee, Bill Killian, was featured as the region’s top DOJ official.  The event was for the stated purpose of increasing awareness and understanding that American Muslims are not the terrorists some have made them out to be in social media and other circles.  Killian was to provide input on how civil rights can be violated by those who post inflammatory documents targeted at Muslims on social media.

My first and only question for Killian, the Obama DOJ and Obama himself is where is the concern for inflammatory comments on social media when they are directed at Christians? Apparently, Christianity and other religions are fair game, but derogatory comments about Muslims may get the DOJ interested in you.  And with all that has come out about the NSA spying on phone calls, emails and social media, don’t think they don’t know what you’re saying.

So, for the NSA and DOJ staff who may read this: Not all Muslims are terrorists, but nearly all terrorists are Muslims.  One need look no further than the current FBI most wanted list for proof.  Of the 32 names on the list, 30 are Muslim.  Interestingly, one of the two non-Muslim most wanted is Joanne Chesimard, a black militant wanted for escaping from prison in 1979 while serving a life sentence for the murder of a New Jersey state trooper.  Chesimard is a friend of Bill Ayers, the admitted domestic terrorist and murderer who was one of President Obama’s best buds in the past.  Did Obama know Chesimard?  He’d never admit it if he did.

Lying about Christians, Republicans and other groups opposed to the liberal agenda has been a staple in the Democrat playbook for decades. And now we appear to be headed for the draconian British law, which makes it illegal to tell the truth about Muslim terrorists on social media, because it might “distress” them.  How long before freedom of speech is relegated to the history books?

“If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.” – George Washington

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