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Fifty Ways Obama Has Hurt the Economy


The American Spectator has a list of fifty ways the Obama administration has hurt our economy and job creation.  I’m sure there are those on the Left who could try to justify every one of these actions.  But the fact remains that because of these actions, our economy and unemployment are a disaster. 

  1. Increased the deficit more than $4 trillion, causing the first-ever downgrade in the U.S. credit rating and for the first time raising serious questions about U.S. financial stability.
  2. Issued 106 new major rules that cost U.S. businesses $11 billion in implementation and more than $46 billion each year.
  3. Blocked Boeing’s new South Carolina factory from opening to assuage his union supporters.
  4. Raided a Gibson Guitar factory for violating an arcane India law even though India does not believe the law has been broken.
  5. Issued an “ambush” election rule allowing quick unionization and limiting an employer’s ability to present reasons for non-unionization.
  6. Restricted how companies hire unpaid interns, cutting the link between students and employers.
  7. Blocked the construction of the Keystone Pipeline that would have given jobs to thousands of American workers, further reducing the domestic oil supply and forcing our ally Canada to turn to China as a more willing partner.
  8. Cut authorization of permits restricting drilling in Gulf andslowed permitting of new oil drilling so our future oil supply will be restricted and gas prices will be higher.
  9. Mandated third party certification for all manufacturers participating in the Environmental Protection Agency’s Energy Star program, which has raised costs for manufacturers and created a disincentive for participation in the program.
  10. Funded Solyndra and other unworthy companies, wasting taxpayer money but also discouraging other privately funded companies from entering the market.

The rest of the list is on the American Spectator website.

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